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Iberi whole house customization #5.1 customization huiforesee dreamer # activity officially opened today

ebari whole house customization 5.1 customization huiforesee dreamer p> activity officially opened today

the activity is strong.

in addition to the newly launched full house customization, which is only sold for 13800 yuan,

there are also a lucky draw in the store, a get one free bedroom package,

a special five piece set of American bedroom, etc.

the specific activities are as follows:

01 benefits in the store

during the activity, all customers who enter the store can participate in the lucky turntable lucky draw for free once, which is more a great gift

fashion backpack/high-definition VR glasses/brand mug/luxury tea set/brand trolley/Fashion mug/Haoli are waiting for you to pick it up! (gifts are selected online and cashed in offline stores.)

02 dating benefits

13800 whole house customized matching

you can buy iberi whole house customized cabinets (wardrobe, cloakroom, household cabinet, wine cabinet, bookcase, TV cabinet, balcony cabinet, partition cabinet, shoe cabinet, etc.) according to the projected area of the cabinet body, any combination of matching

1. The optional colors of the set meal plate: elegant white, Jinsi Nan, North American maple, jade cherry, balsam Tung

2. The above set meals are only limited to the cabinet, and do not include various categories and functional parts

projection area: 22 ㎡

environmental protection quality: E0 grade plate special price: 13800 yuan/set

03 parent-child benefits

special price bedroom buy one get one free (exclusive for tmall shop auction)

special price bedroom includes: 1.4-1.6 meter overall wardrobe +hsbc3-1.5 meter bed + bedside table +1.5 meter mattress (ewd26)

free children's bed: up and down children's bed (model sxc16)

original price: 16880 yuan/set 5.1 activity price: 9999 yuan/set

another colorful children's bed worth 4469 yuan

04 intimate benefits

buy a set of American bedroom

American bedroom includes: bmsm06-18 bed (1.8m) + ewd26-18 spring mattress +wzj02 makeup table +ewy41 makeup stool +bmctg-03 bedside table

original price: 16880 yuan/set 5.1 activity price: 8688 yuan/set

(Note: the above special prices and discounts cannot be overlapped, please consult local stores for details.)

iberi stores across the country are ready to go

we will give back to you with our meticulous service and ingenuity as always

multiple highlights look forward to it

welcome to our store to announce it together

activity time: April 12 - May 3, 2018

Iberia whole house customization to see the dreamer with you





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