Damp proof decoration is the key in rainy season

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Damp proof decoration in rainy season is the key

come in, continuous drizzle. Many people know that high air humidity is not conducive to decoration, but many families have to decorate for various reasons. So how to take preventive measures for decoration in the rainy season to ensure that everything is safe? Experts introduce some experience and common sense of rainy season decoration to readers

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people engaged in the home decoration industry have always followed the principle of "damp proof is the key to decoration in rainy season". Generally speaking, there are three problems that must be paid attention to in rainy season decoration

first, arrange the construction period reasonably. The owner should reasonably arrange the construction process and progress according to the weather changes. For example, you can't paint in rainy days

secondly, pay attention to closing the window for dust removal. Windows cannot be opened in rainy days. If construction is carried out with doors and windows closed, attention must be paid to watering and other ways to reduce dust in advance

pay special attention to safety and fire prevention. Because all kinds of decorative materials are stacked indoors in rainy days, many of them are inflammables

after achieving the above three problems on the whole, in the specific construction, it is also necessary to pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of cross construction and adhere to the five avoidance. Avoid hasty construction. Decoration is a meticulous work, and there is no need to rush for construction in order to buy some time; Buy Cement to avoid rainy days; Avoid paving the floor, which is easy to deform or empty in rainy days; Avoid making furniture. In rainy days, furniture doors and cabinets may have quality problems in the future; Avoid laying circuits to prevent wires from being wet and short circuited

Lu Jiuchang, who has been engaged in home decoration for many years, believes that accurately grasping the above methods is only a prerequisite for successfully completing the decoration, and how the decoration company arranges the construction links in the specific construction is the top priority. Regular decoration companies will generally reasonably arrange the construction process during the rainy season construction, and adopt the method of staggering the project process time, so as to finish the process that is not suitable for construction in rainy days in advance, so as to avoid hidden dangers caused by construction in rainy season

for example, in carpentry process, on the premise of ensuring the quality of carpentry construction, regular decoration companies will speed up the progress of carpentry by increasing the number of personnel, and finish carpentry before the arrival of rain, which can give painters more time. In rainy days, it has little impact, and the quality of oil decoration works can be guaranteed

in addition, some construction projects in families can be completed relatively centrally. For example, the waterway reconstruction in the early stage of decoration is an indoor project, so it is not affected by rainy days. However, the circuit reconstruction now adopts casing embedding construction, and there is no safety problem. If you have entered the mid-term of decoration, you can first complete the paving construction of wall and floor tiles in your home




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