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Paving the floor is a key link that we need to consider when decorating. A good floor decoration requires good materials, good handling and construction skills, and careful post construction maintenance is also necessary. The following editor will teach you four tips to help you spread the beautiful scenery at the foot of your home

paving the floor (decoration effect drawing) is a key link that we need to consider when decorating. A good floor decoration requires good materials, good handling and construction skills, and careful post construction maintenance is also necessary. The following editor will teach you four tips to help you spread the beautiful scenery at the foot of your home

part1: decoration is first and foremost building materials. Buying the right building materials is the most critical

facing a wide range of floors, how to choose? Xiaobian suggests that you should give priority to the material. The material of the floor is the key factor for the quality of the floor, so how to choose the floor? The following editor will introduce the types of flooring and the precautions for selection to help you choose the right flooring

floor tiling small details four points that must be seen when installing floors

choose a good floor: start from understanding materials

there are many kinds of home floors, which are generally divided into solid wood floors, composite floors, bamboo floors and cork floors

choose and buy high-quality flooring: pay attention to the environmental protection performance of flooring

the environmental protection performance of flooring is a common concern of consumers. When choosing flooring, the first consideration should be the environmental protection of the product, followed by other performance and price of the product. The environmental protection performance of the floor can confirm whether the floor is an environmental protection product by checking whether there is a relevant green environmental protection certificate

attention to floor selection: teach you to choose a good floor

five points to pay attention to when selecting a good floor: first, look at the appearance and check whether there are color differences and cracks; Second, look at the waterproof of the floor. Drip water on the surface to see whether the water droplets penetrate the floor; III. check the antifouling property, and wipe it off after writing on the floor with an oily pen. If the handwriting is obvious, it means that the antifouling property is poor; Fourth, check the wear resistance, and use a hard object to scratch back and forth on the surface to see if there are scratches left; Fifth, look at the splicing. Good floors should be embedded into each other after splicing, and the gap is small

part2: the most important thing to stick the floor is to make full preparations. It is necessary to

the so-called everything is difficult to start. To lay the floor (decoration effect drawing), in addition to having good materials, it is also necessary to strictly standardize the construction process. The following editor will introduce you to the construction preparations before floor paving, do a good job in the early stage, and lay a solid foundation before you can make a good floor decoration

do a good job in pre installation planning: carefully choose the installation time and environment

the material of the floor is natural wood, which has high requirements for environmental temperature and humidity. Therefore, the time and temperature environment should be arranged before installation. Generally, the temperature of floor paving is between 16 ℃ and 30 ℃, which can keep the wood floor in the best state of nature. In terms of seasons, spring and autumn are more suitable than summer and winter. In 24 hours a day, try to avoid construction at noon and at night, and it is best to carry out construction after 2 p.m

prepare materials: it is guaranteed that the floor is paved.

the preparation of floor materials includes the storage and maintenance of materials and the application of moisture-proof protective paint. The floor can not be directly paved after buying it. The floor materials should be stored at room temperature for two days before paving. In order to better damp proof, the floor should be stored in a cool and dry place and protected with plastic film. Note that the damp floor is more likely to mildew, and its service life will be greatly shortened. It cannot be dried and reused

in addition, the bought floor needs to be treated before being laid, and a moisture-proof treatment is also required. Apply a layer of moisture-proof protective paint on the back of the floor to prevent the moisture of the paved ground from affecting the floor, resulting in floor hollowing

do a good job in ground treatment: pave the floor well

in addition to the treatment of materials, the treatment of the ground before paving is also very critical. The ground should be cleaned before installation. If the floor is paved in a second-hand house, you can brush a thin layer of cement before paving to remove the mildew and stains on the floor, and then carry out moisture-proof treatment after drying with cement, so that the effect of floor paving will be better

part3: pay attention to the construction details of floor tiling process

the key to laying a good floor (decoration effect drawing) is the tiling process. Having a high-quality floor also needs to pay attention to the details of construction. The following Editor takes solid wood composite floor tiling as an example to share the construction details of floor tiling

ensure floor paving: the floor mat should be laid firmly

the floor mat is the interlayer between the floor and the ground. It mainly plays the role of moisture-proof and balance in floor laying. There are many kinds of floor mats, such as aluminum film floor mats, special plastic floor mats, paper floor mats, etc. You need to choose the type of floor mat according to your actual situation. When laying the floor mat, it should be noted that the floor mat must be paved smoothly without hollowing; Moreover, the floor mat and the ground must be firmly pasted, and it is forbidden to only stick glue around the floor mat, which will seriously affect the moisture-proof function of the ground

floor paving method: it is very important to choose the paving method

there are many paving methods for the floor, which are mainly divided into keel paving method, direct pasting method and suspension paving method. Solid wood composite floor is mainly paved in suspension. The forms of suspension paving include 369 paving method and half paving method. The 369 paving method is a stepped gap structure, which usually saves materials and the material loss is about 3%; The loss of half paving method is the largest, about 5% higher, but the paved ground is neat and symmetrical, and the visual effect is better. What kind of paving method to use depends on the actual length of the home room

skillful technology of floor paving: there are also skills in paving and sizing. The sizing method used here is that the sizing at both ends is vertical to the floor, and the middle is inclined. The spacing between the two pieces of glue is about 20cm. This method can better prevent the deformation of the paved floor. In addition to the way of sizing, the thickness of sizing is also important, which generally depends on the flatness of the ground

floor paving is not perfect: pay attention to leave joints in paving

shrinkage joints should be reserved during floor installation, except that about 1cm floor expansion joints should be reserved between the floor and the wall. The gap between the floors should also be reserved, which is generally not more than 1mm. When laying the floors with high density, each piece should have a gap of 0.4mm to prevent arched deformation in the future

part4: when the floor paving is finished, don't forget to maintain it after construction

choose the materials and do a good job in the paving process. Is this the end? We must not forget that the maintenance after construction is very necessary to avoid wasting all previous efforts, so how to do maintenance after construction

pay attention to protection after construction: safely spend the curing period

the most important thing after paving is to protect. The floor (decoration effect drawing) must be paved with paper to avoid foreign matters or paint falling on the floor during decoration construction. Within 48 hours after the floor is paved (usually this period becomes the curing period of the floor), it is necessary to avoid walking on the floor often and placing heavy objects, so as to leave enough time for the floor glue to stick firmly and let the floor dry naturally. In this way, the paved floor will have a natural effect and be firm and durable

do small cleaning after construction: dry cleaning and avoid wet water

after the floor is paved, don't rush to open the window (decoration effect drawing) for ventilation or use air conditioner for blowing, which can not speed up the drying of glue, but make the floor dry and fragile. Therefore, the floor must have a period of time to adapt to the indoor temperature and humidity. For the cleaning of the floor, it is best to clean the newly paved floor with a vacuum cleaner or broom to keep the floor dry. When cleaning, use a wrung cotton mop to mop the floor, and do not use wet cloth

pay attention to maintenance after construction: Waxing treatment is indispensable

in addition to cleaning after decoration, it is also important to wax the floor 1~2 months after paving. This process is very important. If you want the floor to be as old as new, it is very important to wax it for the first time after paving




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