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For novice decoration, it is necessary to make a reasonable decoration quotation in the early stage of decoration. If the decoration is carried out blindly, it is easy to leave hidden dangers in the later stage, which will lead to budget overruns, additional items and missing items, and the construction cannot be carried out smoothly. Recently, the same is true. Ms. Liu, the owner of huiyuetiandi, consulted through the Wuhan home decoration network platform and said that she has a 115 square meter house in her home. How much does it cost to install it? As a preliminary reference, Xiaobian took the model house of the same type in the same community as a case and sorted out the following detailed decoration quotation, hoping to be helpful

[Huiyue Tiandi housing information]

Huiyue Tiandi; Area: 115 square meters; Structure: 2 rooms, 2 halls, 1 bathroom and 1 kitchen; (Group Decoration activities in Huiyue Tiandi community)

on the whole, the house type structure itself is relatively reasonable, and there is no need to make major structural adjustments, so the cost of "large civil engineering" is reduced. On the right hand side of the door is the restaurant, creating an open kitchen that meets the tastes of young owners. Although the area of the house itself is 115 square meters, because the house type is two bedrooms and two halls, the designer still created a creative cloakroom area in the master bedroom, which is not only practical, but also particularly foreign-style and beautiful




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