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We have inherited and innovated in the color warp process and completed the development of the color warp gradual change process. Integrating the historical development of western aesthetics into life, Caijing sublimates art and art achieves aesthetics

since its establishment, Zhejiang Heju daily necessities Technology Co., Ltd. has been committed to the fabric design, development, processing and production of home decoration fabrics. At the beginning of 2017, the company created its core wall fabric brand - hecasa hicasa wall fabric, which integrates design, development, production and sales. It adopts imported production lines, employs consultants from Germany, Italy and other foreign excellent designers for guidance, integrates Eastern and Western art classics, and takes the original pattern as the base. Its products involve jacquard, embroidery, yarn dyed and other kinds of craft wall fabrics, including all cotton, mixed fabrics and high-end linen worsted series, Unique style and outstanding quality. In 2018, hecasa hicasa wallcovering successfully transformed and upgraded its brand, positioning itself as "Caijing wallcovering ・ aesthetic expert". Hecasa hicasha wall cloth adheres to the concept that products are the foundation of enterprises, deeply analyzes the philosophy that each style represents the pattern, and interprets the art of beauty with form. Yuhua, who continues to use the ancient weaving technology, uses the color warp process to make the product pure and full in color. Strive to reveal and clarify aesthetic phenomena from the perspective of aesthetics, and help consumers understand, appreciate and create beauty. So as to meet the needs of consumers for the wall cloth market. That is what Heidegger called "poetic dwelling"

company dynamics

bring forth the old and bring forth the new, reproduce the brilliant

hecasa sikasha wall fabric brand upgrade, positioning "to create an" idealistic life "for young consumer groups, and the mission of fabric soft clothing brand living with everything you like"

Shaoxing, Zhejiang is a cultural ancient city with a history of 2500 years, and it is the largest textile distribution center in Asia. Adhering to the characteristics of Jiangnan Water Towns and strong cultural heritage, hecasa sikasha wall cloth came into being here. In order to better serve end consumers, we use innovative technology and strive to develop original high-quality products. The unique technology and beautiful style also make hecasa hickasa wall cloth become a synonym for the pursuit of high-quality living environment and perfect modern fashion life

Zhejiang sikasha Textile Co., Ltd. has created its core wall fabric brand - hecasa sikasha wall fabric. When entering the seamless wall fabric industry, it is the stage when products and processes are gradually stable. Hecasa hickasa has been in the exploratory stage in the early stage of development. Through the initial exploration, it was found that a breakthrough must be made if it is to continue to develop in the industry. At the 2018 exhibition, hecasa hickasa finally found a breakthrough, that is, to narrow the color gap with wallpaper, and finally chose to use the color warp process to carry out product research and development, so as to improve the color purity of wallpaper products, However, only breakthroughs in technology are not enough, and the team also needs to keep pace with the times, so the relevant teams of products, brands and marketing have also been restructured, which makes hecasa sikasha "become famous in the first World War" at the Beijing Exhibition and receive high attention in the industry. In the same year, hecasa sikasha launched quality assurance insurance and green environmental protection insurance for wall covering products, and it is also the first brand in the industry to launch double insurance. The emergence of insurance enables consumers to buy wallcovering products with more confidence, and improves consumers' trust in wallcovering brands and the industry, which is a milestone for the industry. In 2018, hecasa sikasha wallcovering made a secondary positioning, successfully transformed and upgraded the brand, positioning itself as "Caijing wallcovering ・ aesthetic expert". Because of this transformation, hecasa hickasa is called a "dark horse" in the industry by industry experts

hecasa hicasa wallcovering adheres to the concept that products are the foundation of enterprises, deeply analyzes the philosophy that each style represents the pattern, and interprets the art of beauty with form. Yuhua, who continues to use the ancient weaving technology, uses the color warp process to make the product pure and full in color. Strive to reveal and clarify aesthetic phenomena from the perspective of aesthetics, and help consumers understand, appreciate and create beauty. So as to meet the needs of consumers for the wall cloth market. That is what Heidegger said "e; Live poetically "e

since its establishment, the unique artistic effect and noble temperament of hecasa hickasa wall cloth have been widely concerned and praised by the market, and it is also in a leading position in the industry. It has won various honors such as "top ten brands of Chinese wall coverings", "Chinese green environmental protection brand", "3.15 consumer trusted brand", "director unit of China Interior Decoration Association", "top ten brands of Chinese wall coverings", etc. In the future, hecasa hicasa wallcovering will continue to follow the business philosophy of "management innovation, service intention and mode update", strictly control product quality, constantly forge ahead and keep improving, and further enrich product types. In terms of "shape", seamless wall cloth products all follow the design style of traditional wall cloth, and hecasa sikasha wall cloth also inherits this tradition and integrates aesthetic elements. Let "form" be visible, and carefully study the impact of color aesthetics; In terms of "color", hecasa sikasha has made the color of wall cloth products fuller and purer by using the color warp process, truly achieved a breakthrough in color of wall cloth, shortened the color gap with wallpaper, and made contributions to the color of seamless wall cloth industry, making "color" a classic, luxurious and not vulgar as a whole; In terms of "quality", the wall cloth itself has a delicate texture, while hecasa sikasha is supplemented by embroidery on the basis of color warp wall cloth, which has brought new breakthroughs to the development of the industry, making "quality" appear and breeding elegance and refinement

all the patterns displayed by hecasa hickasa wallcovering since its establishment are original works that have been assiduously developed by the company's design team. In order to better protect the effective rights and interests of customers in choosing and using hecasa hickasa wallcovering, hecasa hickasa wallcovering company applies for product copyright protection for all works. It has been registered on the third-party platform, and the work registration certificate has been issued by the National Copyright Administration of the people's Republic of China. We adhere to the original spirit and hope to create fashionable life home products full of aesthetic concepts

in the field of marketing, henceforth, hecasa hickasa wallcovering will increase cooperation with mainstream stores, because mainstream stores will inevitably become the mainstream sales channels of Wallcovering products. Mainstream stores such as red star and incredibly have high access barriers, and pay more attention to brand awareness, product quality, etc., while consumers have a stronger awareness of protecting their own rights and interests, and are more willing to choose guaranteed mainstream stores to buy home decoration products, Therefore, it is a general trend for hecasa hicasa wallcovering products to enter the mainstream stores, which is a key strategic decision in the near future. At the same time, mainstream stores and wall covering enterprises take "serving consumers with high quality" as their business philosophy, and the future strong alliance will provide better services for offline consumers. This is also well in line with the business philosophy of hecasa hickasa wallcovering

hecasa hickasa wallcovering will focus on both product development and brand building in the future. Only by continuously improving product quality and brand influence and popularity, can we have a good reputation and brand image, unite as one, promote the development of China's seamless wallcovering industry, and make hecasa hickasa wallcovering brand have a good brand image in the domestic market. Then conquer the overseas market through high-quality products and brand awareness

high level dialogue

dialogue guest: General Manager Li, sales director of Zhejiang Heju Life Technology Co., Ltd. (hecasa sikasha wallcovering)

wallpaper world: from the perspective of industry experience, sikasha enterprise is a "rookie" in the industry, but it can rise rapidly in just a few years and become a dark horse in the industry. What are sikasha's secrets

president Li: with the help of the successful product and after-sales experience of our predecessors in the wall fabric industry, we have accumulated rich experience in product development and manufacturing, which is fully reflected in our products. We are confident that we are more professional in design and understand products than other manufacturers in the wall fabric industry

after the successful operation of the wall fabric industry in recent years, we have good brand operation experience and strong marketing and planning ability. We can creatively find the right direction and decision-making suitable for the development of hecasa hicasa on the basis of careful analysis of the market

wallpaper world: 2018 has quietly arrived. What layout and planning will the company have in the new year

president Li: a publicity and marketing group was established in 2018. The essence of "activity group" is to establish a professional promotion team. This is a model that we have repeatedly practiced in practice and has achieved great success. The implementation of "publicity and marketing activities group" is very suitable for the current situation of our sikasha wall cloth

continue to strengthen brand building. Grabbing the attention of consumers is the consensus of enterprise operation. What is the most important strategy for entrepreneurs in today's market? It is to devote all its strength and integrate all resources to build a brand. Only by establishing a brand can the enterprise become stronger! From the perspective of marketing, only the top five in the same industry will survive in the competition in the next five years! Market competition is the division of consumer groups, and the amount of division depends on the brand's understanding of consumers, whether it is really needed by the end consumer groups

wallpaper world: in the process of enterprise development, what do you think is the biggest obstacle that sikasha has encountered? How to solve it in the end

Mr. Li: the market competition is fierce. The main competitors have completed almost the layout in channels and terminals, and have gained a relatively popular brand awareness in the industry. We are bound to face the "encirclement and suppression" of many competitive brands, and we must have unconventional ideas and measures

our channel system has not been fully established. Because of the characteristics of the industry, our marketing system and training system need to be improved

wallpaper world: because the rapid rise of seamless wallcovering has also led to the development of the industry, brand upgrading is becoming more and more intense among enterprises. What do you think of brand upgrading? How is sikasha laid out

president Li: we insist on continuously building consumer brands. The industry often discusses that the wall fabric industry cannot build consumer brands. Everyone thinks that it is at most an industry brand, which is very good. Brand is brand, channel is channel, and consumer is consumer. The so-called "channel brand" itself has no meaning. Brands ultimately belong to consumers, and channels are only the path to consumers, not the end. The value of the brand can only be improved by bringing value to consumers. Relying only on the marketing ability of the channel, and ignoring the communication and terminal construction for consumers, the final result is that we have to face the defection of the channel, followed by the decline of intuitive data

in my opinion, brand building has three stages: the first stage is the initial stage of brand building. We should strive for survival and find blank spots in the market. At present, sikasha is in the second stage of brand building - the sprint of capacity. In order to seek rapid expansion, brand manufacturers must update their products, brands and management to occupy the market and expand their scale




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