Several things that should not be done in decorati

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To eliminate unsafe factors in home decoration, we should pay attention to avoid the following misunderstandings:

&mdash& mdash; In order to expand the living room and kitchen area, the partition wall was demolished on its own initiative, and dangerous houses were artificially created

—& mdash; When installing water, electricity, gas and furniture, arbitrarily drill walls and holes

—& mdash; Change the balcony into bedroom and warehouse at will, which seriously exceeds the design load of the original balcony

—& mdash; In pursuit of luxury, the floor is paved with heavy and thick granite and marble, which greatly increases the static load of the floor

—& mdash; Let “ Three noes ” Decorators decorate the floor or install chandeliers, planing and drilling the floor at will, weakening the strength of the floor

—& mdash; Use some paints and coatings containing toxins, and the toxins slowly overflow after application, causing headache, cough and limb weakness

—& mdash; The random collocation of bedroom colors stimulates vision and affects health

—& mdash; Lack of consideration, arbitrary layout of lights, resulting in “ Light pollution ” It made the whole family uneasy, dizzy and damaged the children





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