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Modern people pay more and more attention to the taste of the day. The once less beautiful colored steel plate has been replaced by today's bright glass roof, which makes the daylighting more satisfied with the personalized requirements. However, the glass daylighting roof will also have problems in summer, that is, the sun is too big to make the indoor temperature appropriately high, and the direct sunlight is more unbearable. In this case, we need to install a shading device on our balcony, sunshine room or daylighting roof. Xiaobian will teach you how to shade the balcony sunshine room from both indoor and outdoor aspects

there are two steps to shade the balcony sunshine room, and the exterior and interior are "concurrently repaired"

first of all, let's take a look at the indoor sunshade

the indoor sunshade system is generally fixed on the steel beam of the daylighting roof. The indoor sunshade is effective, but it is not very obvious for the relatively low sunshine room, and it is also appropriate to be effective for the appropriately high sunshine room. Although the indoor sunshade blocks the sun, some heat still enters the interior. The indoor temperature will also rise for a long time. Of course, it's much better than direct sun exposure without sunshade

next, let's take a look at outdoor sunshade

balcony sunshine room sunshade two steps, exterior and interior "concurrently repair"

now another kind of more effective sunshade is installed outside the glass roof, and there is an open space of more than ten centimeters with the glass roof, which can allow air convection, block the heat of sunlight on the glass, and make the room cooler. This kind of sunshade is a field track shed, which adopts aluminum alloy track and cover, which is not easy to aging. It uses a special waterproof sunscreen sunshade cloth and has a long service life. (related introductions: sunshade of sunshine room)

there are also many kinds of outdoor sunshades. At present, some differences in the market are mainly motors and tracks. Some tracks are driven by belts or ropes, and good ones are driven by stainless steel belts. The latter is more used, which is not easy to age and crack. The former is generally OK in about three years, and will be replaced after a long time. There are still differences between metals and nonmetals. The other is the quality of the motor, which directly affects the quality of the product. There are fewer problems with good motors, more problems with poor motors, and more repairs

summary: the sunshade of the indoor daylighting roof and the outdoor sunshade have their own interests. Because it is safer indoors, there is no need to consider being blown away by the wind. Outdoor people should worry about the wind and rain. Generally, outdoor people advocate the installation of wind and rain controllers. The effect of the two is mainly sunshade. According to the on-site demand, many daylighting roofs can only be equipped with indoor sunshades. Because the requirements of outdoor sunshade devices are higher, not all environments can be installed! Instead, we should adjust measures to local conditions




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