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For wardrobe franchisees, the training of terminal talents is very important. This is especially important for the whole wardrobe store. An experienced terminal shopping guide is comparable to abnormal activity planning. On the importance of wardrobe franchise terminal talent training, the overall wardrobe brand Deville

as a wardrobe franchisee, to retain talents, you should provide attractive salaries to marketing personnel, and don't blindly set salaries based on subjective wishes, or overemphasize the "balance" within the enterprise. If you want to participate in the vicious competition in the product market in the future, it is better to participate in the competition in the human resources market as soon as possible, use the talent advantage to build a competitive barrier and avoid the vicious competition in the product market. In addition, you also need to determine the reasonable proportion between the base salary and the living salary of marketing personnel, so that marketing personnel have a sense of security and belonging, and on the basis of solving the problem of "retaining people", you need to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of marketing personnel through a reasonable evaluation and incentive mechanism

the current working environment and humanistic environment are also very important, so as a wardrobe franchisee, you also need to pay attention to several aspects

1. Pay attention to the strategic planning of the enterprise, let the marketers see the lofty aspirations, goals and bright prospects of the enterprise, and attract the marketers to actively sacrifice their short-term interests and share weal and woe with the enterprise

2. Pay attention to the construction of enterprise culture and create a loose humanistic environment. We should use systems to manage and supervise people, rather than "doubt people with people"; We should encourage marketers to innovate and take the initiative to take responsibility, and change the management idea of "no mistakes" into the enterprising idea of "no reactive work". In a word, we should create a humanistic atmosphere suitable for the survival and growth of enterprising marketers

3. Implement the career planning and talent reserve system of marketing personnel, and constantly set higher goals for marketing personnel. It is suggested to implement the professional title system for marketing personnel, such as assistant marketers, marketers, assistant marketing engineers, marketing engineers, senior marketing engineers, etc; Let promising marketers have higher goals in terms of personal achievements and economic income, and never let excellent marketers feel that they have "done their best" in this enterprise

4. Strengthen training to meet the thirst for knowledge and self-improvement of marketing personnel, so as to attract and retain excellent marketing personnel. Due to the nature of work, marketing generally requires young, knowledgeable and energetic personnel. Therefore, most people who are suitable for marketing work have a strong thirst for knowledge and self-improvement, and targeted training can well meet the needs of marketing personnel, which can play a stable role in the marketing team. Even if people outside marketing can feel that they can continue to learn a lot in the enterprise, they are willing to stay in the enterprise for a long time, even if other conditions (such as salary) are poor. Moreover, if enterprises do not pay attention to training and talent reserve at ordinary times, they will feel that no one is available when employing people, and will be forced to "buy" at a high price temporarily. Talents who are "bought" at a high price often lack understanding on both sides, and generally lack a sense of identity and belonging to the enterprise. If they don't pay attention, they will "sell" themselves at a higher price, or be forced to leave the enterprise because of maladjustment. However, the personnel cultivated and gradually promoted by the enterprise generally have a high sense of identity, belonging and good adaptability to the enterprise, and generally do not have the heart to leave the enterprise and fall into the name of "ingratitude" for petty profits or small disappointments. Therefore, it is suggested that enterprises should pay attention to training and talent reserve in terms of workload, staffing, training costs, etc

5. Strengthen the professional ethics education for marketers, and let marketers understand that reputation is an important part of professional marketers' personal brand and an important capital for marketers to constantly move towards a higher level in the professional field. Therefore, marketers should cherish their "personal brand" as the "boss" cherishes their own capital, otherwise they will not be able to gain a foothold in the field of marketing. Frequent job hopping will cause great damage to the personal brand of marketers

6. Moreover, we should help those marketers who want to be the boss to accurately position themselves, and let them judge whether they are more suitable to be a "boss" or a professional marketer through analysis. If a marketer abandons his familiar career and engages in a new uncertain career (boss), it means huge risks and high opportunity costs

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