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At the beginning of December, meiles welcomed the opening of many wardrobe franchisees.

on December 6, meiles customized wardrobe will usher in the opening of many wardrobe franchisees, such as Guangxi Wuxuan overall wardrobe franchise store and Guangzhou Huadu overall wardrobe franchise store

Meles Guangxi integrated wardrobe store

Meles Guangxi's latest integrated wardrobe store is located in Nanhua furniture, Wuxuan County, Laibin City, Guangxi, with superior geographical location and large traffic. Wuxuan County is subordinate to Laibin city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is located in the middle of the autonomous region. It is adjacent to Guiping City in the East, Guigang City in the south, Xingbin District of Laibin City in the West and Liuzhou City in the north. It is an important transportation hub. It can be said to be a geomantic treasure land with favorable weather, favorable land and harmonious people

the furnishings in Wuxuan store are neat, and the samples take the customized wardrobe in the customized furniture products of the whole house of Meles as the main product. There are also customized cloakrooms, customized shoe cabinets and other classic products of Meles in the store. After the opening ribbon cutting, Wuxuan wardrobe franchise store immediately welcomed the first batch of guests in the store

on the day of opening, Wuxuan exclusive store provided meticulous and considerate services to customers. Salespeople patiently answered all doubts for each customer. Their good service attitude was recognized and praised by the customers present. At the same time, the personalized and fashionable customized furniture products of the whole house in the exhibition hall of Meles Wuxuan exclusive store were also praised

Meles Huadu integrated wardrobe store

Meles Huadu integrated wardrobe store is located in Huadu District, dongyingfu international furniture and building materials, located in the downtown area of Huadu, with a prosperous lot. On the opening day of Huadu exclusive store, multiple discounts and program carnivals were specially prepared for customers entering the store, so that customers can enjoy a happy shopping trip and return home with full loads. Song and dance performances were also provided at the opening site of Huadu exclusive store

when the franchise store opened this time, the headquarters of Meles customized wardrobe sent an active marketing team to the site to take the initiative to protect the opening of the store and activities

at present, the customized wardrobe market is highly competitive, and only by grasping the needs of consumers can we be in the market. Meiles customized wardrobe franchised stores have strong resources and rich experience support. The opening of wardrobe franchised stores has already been carefully prepared, which can be described as an instant hit and rich harvest

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