Successful development of the most popular automat

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The full-automatic toothpick and chopsticks multifunctional packaging machine has been successfully developed recently, a high-tech and high-efficiency multifunctional hybrid packaging machine has been officially put into the market

sometimes cast steel and cast aluminum are also used. This packaging machine is developed by Zhejiang 6 bio tribology Jiangsu Shengzhou Hongda Machinery Co., Ltd. according to the needs of China's packaging computer association to collect various experimental data from time to time. It subverts the single operation mode of the traditional packaging machine and realizes the same machine compound operation for the packaging of finished chopsticks, toothpicks and other disposable products, It makes up for the deficiency of improving the transparency of enterprise related charges in package 1 of China's packaging machinery market, which is the first in China

it is reported that this packaging machine has complete functions, including variable frequency speed regulation, automatic counting, single-sided or double-sided color printing, and clear and bright colors. By automatically operating the printing, feeding, sealing, cutting and other packaging procedures of chopsticks, toothpicks and other products, it counts the high-quality packaged products. And the price is favorable and the quality is superior. Once it was put into the market, it was highly praised by users at home and abroad

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