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Recently, Fuzhou baochuang Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a two-color extrusion and plastic forming machine to create a bright future for PetroChina polyethylene catalyst and new products. The machine can produce double-layer snack boxes with different colors with two kinds of raw materials. The outer layer can use recycled materials with stable growth of main business income or cheap raw materials, and the inner layer can use raw materials that meet food hygiene standards

this set of equipment can be directly produced with powdered calcium carbonate and powdered polypropylene, so it can produce high-quality products while reducing costs. Fully automatic extrusion and plastic suction molding, advanced by intelligent manipulator, automatic die cutting and stamping. The whole process is fully automatic, continuous and completed at one go. There is no need for manual molding and edge cutting. It can produce 12000 degradable fast food boxes per day. The equipment is equipped with positive pressure and negative pressure devices, and can also produce bowls, cups, plates, etc

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