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Successful development of trend coating to replace epoxy coal tar pitch,

the researchers of Dow (Dongying) Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. treated coal tar pitch and prepared the resin

from its catalytic polymerization into epoxy heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating, namely Haijin bleached epoxy coal tar pitch coating. The company has put into production and succeeded in the

offshore platform of Shengli Oilfield. The coating is a and B two-component, including primer and finish; It has excellent properties such as water resistance, acid and alkali resistance

and excellent resistance, which can be better used in the plastic recycling particle industry, and strong adhesion. It has the characteristics of good flexibility, good dry wet alternation resistance, anti microbial, strong root erosion of plants and excellent chemical resistance; It is a trend coating to replace epoxy coal tar pitch. Also known as

bleached tar epoxy coating 4. Automatic storage: automatic storage of experimental data and curves to prevent data loss caused by forgetting to save; Or impermeable color epoxy coal current asphalt coating. It is widely applicable to the anti-corrosion of the outer

wall of various oil and water transmission underground pipelines, the inner and outer walls of storage tanks, sewage treatment equipment, ballast tanks and cargo tanks of ships and oil platforms, sewage oil tanks, water lines and bottoms of ships

ships and offshore platforms, gas storage tanks, seaports, wharves, sluices and other equipment

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