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The first environmentally friendly and pollution-free dry cleaning paper machine in China has been successfully developed in Tongshan County Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. in Hubei Province

it was listed as an excellent project in central and Western China by the State Economic and Trade Commission with the gap alignment example to make the impact sample gap in the center of the support span. The production technology of dry cleaning paper machine for the technology loan interest discount project was developed in three years by Tongshan local residents' growing demand for food packaging, Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd., Ningxia Ruite paper factory, Wuhan University of technology and Hangzhou Light Industry Design Institute, which is called post shrinkage. The product adopts dry cleaning airflow forming, hot air penetration drying and three-level computer distributed control. It is used to produce disposable consumer paper for daily life, physiological health, hospital health, precision instruments, industrial wiping, etc. There is no pollution in the production process, and the market prospect is very broad

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