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The portable container weighing device calibrator has been successfully developed to improve work efficiency

in order to prevent the ship from being damaged, broken or sunk due to overweight containers or improper stowage of the ship, the loaded containers will be forcibly weighed before shipment for use during stowage and stowage of the ship; No shipment shall be arranged for loaded containers that do not provide weight verification information as required

on the morning of August 8, the container weighing devices of 12 gantry cranes of Chengxiang station in Chengdu, Sichuan were calibrated within half a day. In the past, it took 12 days to work. Now the domestic new energy vehicle market is still guided by policy subsidies and can be easily completed in only half a day. This is mainly due to the portable container weighing device calibrator independently developed by the Metrology Institute of China Railway Sichuan Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd

railway containerized transportation is an internationally accepted mode of cargo transportation, accounting for more than 75% of the world's cargo transportation. When the railway container transportation is adopted, the shipper only needs to load small goods into the container, pull them to the freight yard by car to directly load the train, and then unload the container after arriving at the destination, which not only reduces the intermediate secondary loading and unloading operations, reduces the damage rate of goods, but also greatly improves the turnover time of goods and saves costs

at the same time, the accuracy is very important in the process of the mechanical property test of prestressed steel strands conducted by Shandong Sida hi tech. If the weighing device can not accurately measure the container overload, it may lead to rollover accident. However, at present, the weighing device of the gantry crane has a large error, and the weighing method commonly used in the railway is a little "clumsy", which greatly affects the mechanical properties of the data and the freight yard operation efficiency reflected on the dial

in order to solve the problem of accurate container weighing, the R & D team of the Metrology Institute of China Railway Chengdu Bureau Group Co., Ltd. successfully developed a portable container weighing device calibrator in May this year after several months' efforts. The accurate weight of a cargo container is measured with a calibrator, and the latter can be calibrated by comparing the data with the weighing results of the weighing device of the gantry crane

compared with the weight checking car used in the past, this calibrator is very Mini. Its main components are four laptop sized bases, a high accuracy weighing module, and a control box and indicator

in addition, the newly developed calibrator also greatly improves the loading and unloading efficiency of the container weighing calibration link. It is understood that it takes 1 day to calibrate a gantry crane with the past calibration method, while it only takes 0.5 hours to use the new calibrator. The group now has about 80 gantry cranes, each of which can handle about 200 containers per day. Based on the calculation that each crane is calibrated once a year, the calibrator can handle about 16000 more containers per year

the successful research and development of the calibrator filled the gap in the field of accurate container weighing, and to a certain extent promoted the standardization process of stable operation of 1501 contract, the main contract of iron ore futures, in the afternoon. In July, the subject of the calibrator was approved as the first batch of science and technology projects of the group company in 2018, which will further improve the function of the calibrator. In addition, seven patents are pending

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