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Fuzhou baochuang Machinery Technology Development Co., Ltd. has successfully researched and developed a new type of environmental protection plastic packaging material, which is made of plant fiber (or starch) foamed plastic, has good cushioning, earthquake resistance, heat insulation, moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and other properties, and is non-toxic. What are the functional characteristics of the cast aluminum alloy hydraulic universal testing machine? It does not absorb water and can be processed into various shapes. Its shockproof performance is better than that of traditional packaging materials such as polystyrene. It can be used to produce slippers, packaging boxes, assembled carpets, cushions, etc. it can also be used in vehicles, shipbuilding, chemical household appliances, shoemaking industry, decoration engineering and other industries. The product is made of wood flour, chaff, straw, corn stalk and other plant fibers, which are ground into powder and burned into powder. Compared with now, if the electronic components are damaged, the cost of foamed plastics is reduced by 30%. After being tested by Fuzhou plastic industry technology innovation center, all physical and technical indicators are the same as those of foam plastics. (linyizhong)

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