Research on the latest edible packaging materials

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It is still a top priority to open up a new and suitable utilization Market Research on edible packaging materials

the development of edible packaging mainly focuses on material selection, technology and other aspects, and various materials for packaging have become the preferred development and research topic

meet the needs of rapid switching of different products; The module adopts a large number of edible chitosan packaging films of connecting rod mechanism. This packaging film takes chitosan, a shellfish extract, as the main raw material, and combines chitosan with lauric acid to produce a uniform edible film. The peeled fruits and fruit slices packed with the packaging film have a good fresh-keeping effect

corn protein packaging film this packaging film is mainly used for the packaging coating of fast food boxes and other oily foods. The film is a packaging material synthesized from paper and corn protein, which will not be penetrated by grease. It will be boiled in a pot without changing its properties

edible packaging film of soybean protein, which can prevent oxygen from entering, Again "From this point of view, maintaining moisture can also ensure the original taste of food.

composite edible packaging film, which is composed of protein, fatty acid and starch, synthesizes protein, fatty acid and starch in different proportions to form edible films with different physical properties.

corn starch, sodium alginate or chitosan composite packaging film. The composite packaging film is based on corn starch and added with sodium alginate Or chitosan, combined with plasticizer, tackifier and preservative, processed by special process

water resistant protein film this is a new packaging material that can replace foam ethylene. Because its main component is corn, it has biodegradability and will not pollute the environment

edible wrapping paper with soybean dregs as raw materials. This kind of wrapping paper is suitable for the packaging needs of fast-food noodles seasoning. Once hot water is soaked, it can be processed into products with complex shapes very quickly by mechanical arm, and it has nutritional value

protein coated packaging paper this novel packaging paper is non-toxic, easy to handle, and can withstand the erosion of a certain temperature and moisture. This packaging paper or container is a film packaging paper or packaging container made by special process after dissolving shellac or protein

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