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Research on the adjustment of knowledge structure of talents in the packaging industry (Part 2)

5 professional orientation of packaging engineering in Kunming University of technology

the development direction of packaging engineering major in Kunming University of Technology: it is oriented to packaging enterprises in Yunnan Province. Around the talent needs of the packaging and printing industry in Yunnan Province, combined with the original school running resources of Kunming University of technology, it focuses on the development of packaging design and analysis, new packaging technology and materials, packaging and printing 4 directions for transportation and packaging. Yunnan Province needs high-level packaging design talents, which is obvious to all. For example, high-level cigarette packaging design, now a large number of rely on the design of Hong Kong and other places to cultivate high-level design talents with Yunnan characteristics, which are urgently needed by the packaging industry in Yunnan Province, in order to improve the packaging design ability of packaging enterprises in Yunnan Province. Labow and others warn that the hard segment chemistry of PCU polymers plays a role in the long-term stability in the biological environment. Yunnan Province has very strong printing strength and rich experience in the printing of cigarette labels. The printing industry has the characteristics of rich products and diverse changes. Improving the knowledge structure and level of talents in the printing industry is an important measure to expand the strength of printing enterprises in Yunnan Province. Another aspect of training packaging engineering talents is to establish their own characteristics. Kunming University of science and technology has strong scientific research and experimental capabilities in the field of dynamics, especially in the field of structural dynamics. The research on the transportation and packaging of products is based on the theory of system vibration analysis, through the analysis of the random impact and vibration borne by the packaging during transportation, to determine the protective effect of the packaging on the products, and based on the theory of dynamics, to analyze and detect the damage of the packaging during transportation, The protective structure of the package can be designed to effectively protect the product

6 strategies for talent knowledge structure adjustment of Yunnan packaging and printing enterprises

1) timely adjust the talent team and supplement new people

under the existing conditions, actively introduce newly graduated college students and excellent talents from other enterprises, enrich the existing technical personnel team, especially introduce urgently needed talents, and give certain preferential conditions to talents, At the same time, it is required to create an environment of continuous exploration and enterprising, and give full play to the enthusiasm of talents, which is the basis for the development and take-off of enterprises. 2) The cultivation and improvement of enterprises themselves

talents are not only college students, master students and doctoral students. Having a high degree of education is not equal to the talents of enterprises. It is the talents of enterprises that can play an important role in the actual work of enterprises. Of course, some are phased and some are persistent. Improving the technology and ability of the existing personnel of enterprises can not only stabilize the talent team of enterprises, Ensure the sustainable development of the production and operation of the enterprise, and effectively save the operation cost of the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises should carry out continuous training on new technologies and new processes for their technology and employees. They can organize short-term training courses, vocational skills competition courses, market analysis seminars, enterprise marketing strategy seminars, new technology learning courses, etc., as well as academic education courses. Through learning and training, we constantly promote the improvement of the quality and ability of enterprise technicians and employees. In addition, the technology suitable for the enterprise should be promoted and used in time, so that the technical innovation of technicians can be put into use

3) cultivate high-quality modern packaging and printing talents

although the proportion of technicians in the packaging and printing industry in our province is less than 6%, in the field of packaging and printing, especially in the field of gravure printing, there are a considerable number of technical talents in Yunnan Province. Only a certain understanding of it is that the distribution of talents is uneven. On the whole, the packaging and printing industry in Yunnan Province is particularly lack of CEO, marketing manager, understanding of capital operation Talents who understand international business and R & D talents

how to cultivate high-tech talents in the current form must be started from many aspects: ① abandon the traditional family business model, restructure the enterprise into a joint-stock enterprise at an appropriate time, so that modern packaging technology talents who master high and new technology can have the opportunity to enter the top level of the enterprise, and bring new management mechanism, operation mechanism, market mechanism to meet their own needs and even the demand field mechanism and development mechanism of the world; ② In terms of technology, we should adopt the introduction and cooperation mechanism. We should not regard the scientific and technological research and innovation of enterprises as an internal matter of enterprises. We can make full use of the technical talents and scientific research foundation of colleges and universities and research institutes, establish a long-term and stable research and development base in Colleges and universities, entrust the development strategy, technological innovation and talent training of enterprises to professional colleges and universities, give full play to the technical strength and knowledge advantages of colleges and universities, and promote the technological development of enterprises; ③ Under the coordination of Yunnan Packaging Association (continued from page 25), organize short-term training courses to study and discuss the short-term modern enterprise operation mechanism and management concept for the middle-level and senior leaders of enterprises, focus on solving the existing problems of enterprises, discuss the dangerous problems faced by the packaging and printing industry, coordinate the competition and price reduction among enterprises, promote the sustainable and healthy development of Yunnan packaging and printing industry, and even establish enterprise alliances; ④ Establish the concept of world-oriented strategy and market segmentation. If the packaging and printing industry in Yunnan Province only faces the needs of enterprises in the province, it will not get long-term development. We must base ourselves on the needs of enterprises in Yunnan Province and see the needs of packaging and printing in the international market. We should study and analyze in detail whether our products can adapt to the needs of the international market and meet the requirements of advanced developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and so on. ⑤ According to the information we have, the international packaging design of general commodities has been mature, and now more attention is paid to the environmental protection, safety, reliability and effectiveness of commodity packaging design, packaging structure and packaging and printing. These problems are the weaknesses of Yunnan packaging and printing enterprises, and also the weaknesses of China's packaging and printing industry. At present, the packaging and printing industry in China and Yunnan Province has little research on this kind of problems, It seems relatively passive. This is also the problem that Yunnan packaging and printing industry must change its concept

4) strengthen the research on the characteristics and advantageous products of the packaging and printing industry in Yunnan Province

due to the close combination with the tobacco economy, the development of the packaging and printing industry in Yunnan Province is very uneven after its consumers bought the experimental machine. They have made a lot of repeated investment in six color gravure printing. Although they have made some achievements, they are greatly affected by the tobacco economy. Now we must comprehensively reflect on how to develop the packaging and printing industry in a comprehensive and balanced way, We should not only carry out major technological updates in gravure printing, but also explore other aspects such as offset printing and flexo printing to make up for the shortcomings of gravure printing, so that the whole packaging and printing industry can develop in a balanced manner

Author: School of mechanical and electrical engineering, Kunming University of technology

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