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Shantui Kenya joint venture company

Shantui Kenya joint venture company

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at the end of October, an Lulin, executive director of Shantui Co., Ltd., and related business personnel arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, to visit and investigate the local market. The relevant principals of Shantui Kenya joint venture and AVIC International Beijing in Kenya joint venture were contacted

research of Shantui's key customer trip. Shantui Kenya joint venture

an Lulin and his delegation first visited Shantui Kenya joint venture and listened to the work report of the joint venture's deputy general manager Chen Yuchao on the work of the Kenya company in 2016. Anlulin first affirmed and congratulated Shantui Kenya on its achievements in recent years, and put forward targeted suggestions on the current situation of the company in Kenya; Make clear instructions on the sales of Shantui hosts and accessories channels that exceed the scope that can be obtained by using long carbon fiber alone, and require the Kenyan company to adhere to the principles and strive to promote the sales of Shantui hosts and accessories

subsequently, an Lulin and his party visited a number of local customers, listened to the customers' problems and suggestions in the process of using Shantui products in detail, and instructed the relevant principals of the Kenya joint venture to solve the problems raised by the customers as soon as possible, and do a good job in the after-sales service and technical support of products including ball point pen materials

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