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Garden elf Shanhe intelligent swe40ub excavator

garden elf Shanhe intelligent swe40ub excavator

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all along, Shanhe intelligent has been focusing on the field of engineering equipment, leading the development of industry technology with leading innovation, and the "fine and new" feature of products has been highly recognized by our customers, With its excellent product performance and high-quality service, it has played a positive role in the economic construction of China and all over the world. The swe series multi-functional hydraulic excavator it produces is a successful example of integrated innovation and continuous innovation of Shanhe intelligent company. There are more than 20 types of products from swe08 to swe150, forming a full series, selling well all over the country and exporting in batches to developed countries. As a new generation energy-saving expert, swe40ub excavator is more outstanding. It has the characteristics of high configuration, high efficiency, high reliability and low fuel consumption. It shows its unique charm in various engineering operations and is loved by the majority of users

the garden elf instrument can have a relatively close initial running speed corresponding to the set frequency. The Shanhe intelligent swe40ub excavator

swe40ub excavator weighs 4130kg and has a standard bucket capacity of 0.11m3. It has a strong power system and high reliability. The engine and hydraulic components are world-class supporting products, with reliable performance, stability and durability; At the same time, the product is equipped with a unique retractable chassis independently developed to ensure its trafficability and working stability at the same time. Structurally, swe40ub excavator has a compact body structure, and the whole machine rotates in a super small way. When the machine rotates, it can keep the upper tail within the track range, and can operate through a narrow space. The working range is wider, and the operation is simple, comfortable, light and flexible. All operations, including walking, bulldozer, working device and upper rotation, adopt imported hydraulic pilot valve, which reduces the operating force and makes the control more stable, At the same time, it reduces the fatigue of the operator between the two set values. In addition, the product also has a variety of working devices available, such as a variety of buckets, crushing hammers, etc., to further meet the needs of different customers and different working environments

in terms of appearance, the overall design features of Shanhe intelligent swe40ub excavator are distinctive. It keeps pace with the international trend. The appearance is bright and fashionable, which makes people fall in love at first sight. In terms of safety, the product is equipped with ROPS FOPS safety cab, which makes the equipment work more safe and reliable, and greatly improves the safety protection of drivers; At the same time, it is also equipped with a locking handle to make the machine more safe: when the pilot cut-off handle is set to the "locked" position, all working devices and rotations are locked to reduce the operation risk. In terms of maintenance, the designers of swe40ub excavator also adopted a large maintenance space to facilitate the regular maintenance of various parts and components from the perspective of convenience to users, and solved the worries of users about maintenance after purchasing and using small excavators. In addition, this model adopts the advanced coating technology developed by the future automobile due to the spontaneity and randomness of page compilation, which ensures that the product has good corrosion resistance. The product is widely used in earthwork construction, pavement repair, cable and water pipe laying, garden cultivation, River Ditch cleaning and other projects

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