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Garbage classification public welfare activities advocate the action of Zoomlion in environmental protection life

garbage classification public welfare activities advocate the action of Zoomlion in environmental protection life

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in order to advocate all sectors of society to enhance the concept of environmental protection life, spread scientific garbage classification and recycling knowledge, and publicize Zoomlion's brand image of "green, science and technology, driving the shaft rotation and environmental protection of photoelectric encoder", On August 1, the environmental protection public welfare activity "waste classification, we are in action" initiated by Zoomlion started a new levy procedure for the development of new materials industry in 2017 at Yuelu Mountain, Changsha, where the test standard is standardized

"This activity is different from the previous publicity method of distributing paper materials. It creatively adopts the promotion mode of official account, and obtains garbage classification knowledge through the adjustable acceleration of keyword reply loading experimental force. It not only avoids the secondary pollution and resource waste of paper materials and protects the environment of Yuelu Mountain, but also publicizes the environmental protection knowledge of garbage classification to the general public. In this process, the public deeply felt that Zoomlion strongly And the brand image of "green, science and technology, environmental protection" The event leader shiweizhi introduced

in the Yuelu Mountain scenic spot, 96 Zoomlion volunteers dressed in "Zoomlion" new VI costumes took two routes. Some of them entered the Yuelu Mountain scenic spot for garbage classification and recycling - while enjoying the green, the volunteers put the fruit peels, paper scraps, cigarette butts, plastic bottles, packaging bags and other garbage on the mountain road into different garbage bags, and advised tourists not to throw garbage everywhere; The other part chose to conduct on-site publicity at the east gate of Yuelu Mountain, where there were a large number of people, to spread the knowledge of waste classification and recycling and advocate the concept of environmental protection in the form of signature wall and paying attention to Zoomlion's official account

on the same day, 41 bags of garbage were collected in public welfare activities, and 258 citizens received code scanning support. Passers by sighed: "the air here is good and the environment is good. The volunteers of Zoomlion are also a beautiful scenery in the scenic spot."

it is understood that urban domestic waste without classification, recycling and arbitrary disposal will cause environmental pollution, and the recyclable waste has not been reasonably utilized, thus losing the opportunity to turn waste into treasure. Waste classification is a series of activities to store, put in and carry waste according to certain regulations or standards, so as to turn it into public resources, which will effectively improve the resource value and economic value of waste

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