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The era of customized home furnishing big data in China has quietly arrived. Facing the new situation of the industry, novier's wardrobe has fully introduced data management, and is committed to building a 10 billion level home furnishing group to benefit major dealers

"studying data is mining gold. This is our important mission in the era of big data." Aowei consulting (AVC) said at the China big data strategy press conference. Big data is another disruptive technological change after the Internet, cloud computing and the Internet of things, but it has little impact on the traditional manufacturing industry. Since the "top ten brands of overall wardrobe" novitia fully introduced big data management in 2014, the traditional furniture industry has fully embraced smart big data for the first time, officially announcing that China's customized home manufacturing industry has entered a new era of big data, and the creation of a 10 billion level home furnishing group is just around the corner

big data has spawned a 10 billion level aircraft carrier home furnishing enterprise

in recent years, the biggest bottleneck facing the development of wardrobe enterprises is that they can't go up in scale. No matter how hard they try, they always feel powerless to reach the 100 million level scale, and they face the great test of life and death all the time. So, where is the way out for China's customized wardrobe enterprises, which are currently in a "crack to survive"

with the implementation of cloud computing, Internet of things and smart city, "big data" has become the focus of social debate. Experts and scholars believe that the era of big data has arrived. In the new context of the big data era, in the face of the depressed wardrobe Market, the wardrobe industry can rely on big data to change its development ideas and get out of the trough. After nearly half a year of big data management and operation, novitia has accumulated valuable experience in procurement, production, product R & D and design, internal operation and management, warehousing and logistics, terminal channel investment attraction, brand marketing promotion, customer service and other levels, becoming a wardrobe enterprise to become bigger and stronger The benchmark and model of scale expansion

October 2014 is an important moment recorded in the history of China's wardrobe development - the launch of novier CRM terminal customer management system indicates that the era of big data marketing, the third revolution in the industry, has come. What is more gratifying is that the scale of wardrobe enterprises to 10 billion is no longer a daydream

the biggest difference between wardrobe and other industries is that the production and service process is long, and the error rate of each link is high. CRM platform presents information sharing in front of every service personnel, so that all details of each link can be seen, and prepares very important information for the staff of the next process and next link. This is the power of big data

more importantly, after Norwich family introduced big data management, standard parts and non-standard parts achieved the same price. Previously, it has been a small obstacle - small-scale personalized customization. Finally, standardized and large-scale mass production can be achieved. The popularity of customized wardrobe has a strong guarantee, which greatly meets the massive demand of the market for customized furniture, and the company's sales profit and strength scale have also achieved double growth, It has greatly promoted enterprises to move towards the goal of 10 billion yuan

big data has contributed to tens of millions or even billions of dealers

as mentioned above, CRM system is also a big data system in essence, which is a big data information application platform for dealer end customer management. There are many employees in the dealership. How to control different types of personnel? How to control the numerous customers entering the store? How to manage orders? How to classify and manage customer information summary Many annoying problems perplex dealer bosses every day, making them unwilling to explore a broader market and focus on more ambitious strategy formulation

in this regard, CRM has made a big data analysis and sharing. The relevant staff of the store recorded all the information from customers entering the store to the final transaction into the entire data center, which is the CRM system

on this open data platform, managers can not only know every customer, every employee and every work clearly, but also communicate and share every detail of the work in real time, so as to avoid design mistakes. This not only saves a lot of costs for dealers, but also can be used to develop more markets and businesses, formulate more long-term development strategies, personnel recruitment and training, and improve business management, so as to become a strong local channel of tens of millions or even hundreds of millions

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