This Tanabata and baileni build a love nest togeth

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Some people say that happiness is the warmth of snuggling in the warm arms of my mother; Some people say that happiness depends on the sweetness on the broad shoulders of lovers; Others say that happiness is the love of touching the delicate skin of children

some people say that happiness is the warmth of snuggling in the warm arms of mother; Some people say that happiness depends on the sweetness on the broad shoulders of lovers; Others say that happiness is the love of touching the delicate skin of children; Some people say that creating a living environment that is conducive to living, comfortable and healthy is a matter of great happiness. The annual Tanabata Festival is coming. If you want to create romance for your lover, perhaps there is nothing more romantic than a lifetime commitment and a warm home. On this Chinese Valentine's day, happiness comes from building a love nest together

what is the happiness of house and home

with the progress and development of human society, "house" has become the basic symbol of "home", and home means full of family affection. It is a place that carries happiness, warmth and harmony between lovers. The house is the living space, and the home is the heart to accommodate the happiness and hope of the family. But the premise of a happy home is to have a healthy and high-quality living environment

nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the safety of home environment. Formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, radioactive radon and other harmful pollutants from decoration, building materials and furniture are all fatal "health killers". The value of home decoration is realized through use experience, and high-quality home decoration quality will bring high-quality life experience to families. In the process of home decoration, material selection is very critical

how to choose decoration plates

to decorate a house, plates are essential. The environmental protection and practicality of the decorated plates directly affect the quality of life in the future, so we must pay attention to them. As the most widely used and important core material of home decoration, the quality of plate directly determines the quality of the whole home. So, how to choose decoration board

first, environmental protection is not environmental protection

nowadays, the news about furniture causing health damage is common. Taking unqualified decoration materials home is like adding a toxic gas generator to a new home. Environmental protection and safety grade have become the first consideration for consumers in home decoration. In order to pursue low cost and ignore product quality, some businesses use some materials with formaldehyde and heavy metals exceeding the standard. According to the requirements of formaldehyde emission limits in China's interior decoration materials, wood-based panels and their products, directly used in indoor panels must meet the E1 standard, otherwise they must be treated before they can be used indoors. Therefore, when buying building materials, we must first see whether they are marked with relevant environmental protection regulations. Bailerni formaldehyde free board - a board with a higher environmental protection level. The formaldehyde emission can meet the F4 star certification standard of Japanese JAS series, which is recognized as the highest level in the world. It is equivalent to being in a primeval forest environment, allowing families to enjoy formaldehyde free breathing space

second, look at the function of plate use

the problems left by many consumers in the home decoration process are found only after entering the trial stage. For example, there are plates that absorb moisture in the air during post-processing and use, causing the expansion of plates, resulting in the deformation of manufactured furniture and affecting the service life; The use of high ambient temperature, easy to cause plate deformation, shrinkage and even spontaneous combustion... Many troubles, too much trouble. How to avoid in the decoration process

choose boards with strong functionality - Bailey fireproof board, moisture-proof and mildew proof board

as a kind of board with fire prevention and high temperature resistance as its main characteristics, Bailey fireproof board has rich surface colors, lines and physical properties of fire prevention and flame retardance. Bailey fireproof board has reached the level of flame retardant B or above in the national standard GB8624-2006, taking into account the high level of environmental protection standards, making consumers more convenient and reassured to use

during the production process, bailerni moisture-proof and mould proof board uses moisture-proof and mould proof glue, and then adds a specific proportion of moisture-proof particles to prevent deformation due to moisture, so that furniture and building materials can maintain a hard, stable and beautiful state in the rainy season

third, look at the product quality control

qualified plates need to be processed through the factory's high-temperature cooking, drying procedures, flat pressing, cutting and other links. The quality management penetrates into every detail. The quality of products is the core of a brand, and it is also the key to ensure the normal use of consumers. Bailerni's full range of plates - 16 courses of refined management of raw materials, raw material procurement, adhere to 24-hour sampling inspection of moisture content and sand content. Follow the principle of first in, first out and three-day clearance, and store the raw materials in strict accordance with the size, material, specification and purchase date

good plate products are easier to meet the use requirements of consumers in the decoration process, and their high-quality performance meets more post-processing processing. Bailerni density board products can replace wood and square timber of this thickness, and have good machining performance, such as sawing, drilling, slotting, router milling, sanding, etc. the edge of the board can be processed according to any shape, and the surface is smooth after processing; Bailerni density board can also be processed into various special-shaped edges, and there is no need to seal the edges and paint directly, which can achieve better modeling effect; It can also be carved on the surface or processed into decorative lines of various sections, which is suitable for replacing natural wood as structural materials

IV. look at the quality of boards

the quality of home decoration building materials directly affects the life experience after check-in. Only quality boards can ensure a quality life. The competitiveness of their own products is ultimately the competition between quality and brand. In order to ensure the quality of products, bailerni constantly upgrades the level of production technology, introduces advanced production equipment, and carries out full staff, whole process and all-weather quality monitoring and tracing of products. Bailerni wholeheartedly makes 100% assured plates, and casts high-end home decoration with excellent quality to enjoy

v. look at after-sales service

now, more and more home decoration consumers begin to pay attention to brand service. A good service attitude can win more trust from consumers and more development space. Bailerni adheres to the concept of "expert service". Bailerni requires all service teams to understand customers better than customers, stand in front of customers and lead customers. The team should sink, go to the customer's site to serve customers, and serve customers with professional literacy and expert level

a happy home needs mutual help and understanding from both sides to support it. A happy home needs careful care. At the dawn of Tanabata, Bailey wishes everyone a warm and happy home




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