Japanese decoration style slow down and enjoy life

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Home, traces of home Whether it's the continuous and deep texture of solid wood, the simple and smooth lines of furniture, or the dents that someone has sat on the sofa, every detail records the story of life

lying on the soft reclining chair, the sun shines on the books through the white gauze

with the bitter and sweet taste of coffee in the cup

the sun in the early winter afternoon is free and lazy,

the early winter time is like the book in front of you, browsing through it one by one

this winter, have a plain Japanese flavor

home, traces of home

whether it's the continuous and deep texture of solid wood,

or the simple and smooth lines of furniture, or the dents on the sofa where someone has sat,

every detail records the story of life

ecb10160gy Cato ecb10360gy Cato scm11360120de Danqing agate

home in winter,

the color matching of the whole space is warm oak furniture,

Japanese decoration style: mainly light coffee wall and white,

create a simple and authentic life texture

scs21490ie Caesar (brown) ygc0010h1 Oriental Garden

more emphasis on log color

and the colors of bamboo, rattan, hemp and other natural materials,

Japanese simple and natural decoration style,

your home,

elegant and abstemious, profound Zen

skc10290m Castle grey (convex)

Japanese decoration style pays attention to the flow and separation of space

flow is a room,

separation is divided into several functional spaces,

such spaces make people think quietly, Zen infinite

not boring, not mixed

cm11360120de Danqing agate

emk2169015 Indian sandalwood

is decorated with wood plastic Fangtong, dotted with some green plants,

you sitting on the tatami,

the flowers on the table, the books in your hand, and a cup of tea,

I occasionally see the increasingly cool outside the window, or the intermittent rain

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the fire on the stove is ringing,

the lid of the pot is on, and the steam curls up

then came bursts of fragrance,

there will be children sticking their heads out of the soft sofa

smiling at Ta and I who are busy in the kitchen,

it is warm winter at home

elg20690s copper silver rock

the house doesn't need to be big enough to live

home doesn't need to be complex, just comfortable

life, slow down




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