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Under the upsurge of Internet e-commerce, the physical operation of Foshan door and window manufacturers has been impacted. At the same time, there are certain limitations in online shopping of door and window goods, and the lack of consumers' sense of experience has become the biggest obstacle for Foshan door and window manufacturers to carry out e-commerce. As long as the two are combined, Foshan door and window manufacturers will embrace a new future

the profit-making period of e-commerce is declining, and the cost advantage is no longer

if 2016 was once the world of e-commerce, no one will doubt it, but Ma Yun said in the second half of last year that it ended the era of pure e-commerce, physical stores began to compete with e-commerce, and the profit-making period of flow e-commerce has long passed. According to the data, the growth rate of online shopping on PC and mobile terminals has slowed down significantly. It is estimated that the growth rate of PC and mobile terminals will drop to 23% and 17% from 48% and 43% in 2012. In addition to the gradual decline of Internet traffic profits, the competition of pure e-commerce is becoming increasingly fierce, and the cost of opening stores, operations, logistics, implementation and many other expenses make the cost advantage of e-commerce no longer, the online cost is almost the same as the offline cost, and the price advantage is no longer significant

and in the era of spending promotion, consumers pay more attention to commodity quality and company service. The increase in online forms that rely solely on the increase of traffic and offline forms that rely only on the opening of stores has now peaked. The integration of online and offline will be a new breakthrough for Carty doors and windows

the door and window competition will move towards online and offline integration

"it is better to carry out together if we die together", and the fierce fight in the way will only lead to internal strife and bring chaos to the transformation of Foshan door and window manufacturers. When door and window stores and e-commerce begin to move from competition to competition and cooperation, it means that the transformation of all Foshan door and window manufacturers will also accelerate to the other side of success

for the manufacturing industry, online is the head, the end drainage, offline is the body, the end experience and transaction. Now the competition between online e-commerce and offline physical stores is nearing the end, and the competition of all door and window distribution channels has begun to move from a single e-commerce physical store to a two-line integration. Both Foshan door and window manufacturers and businesses have begun to pay attention to the "door-to-door" detonation of users in terminal shopping malls, promoting the idea of attracting customers to door-to-door physical stores and e-commerce online stores, and completely focusing on where users and needs are, commercial retail services are oriented

for the future home occupation, there will be no simple e-commerce or offline physical stores. In the future, the two will work together to develop shopping malls and promote the long-term development of the company




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