What should be paid attention to in the decoration

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With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher requirements for the quality of home environment. The original hope is to realize their dreams through redecoration and transformation

I. time preparation:

generally, you should start preparing for decoration about 2 months before decoration. The initial preparation basically includes the following aspects:

1 check the home decoration pictures and master the decoration style you want

2 find a suitable decoration company, discuss the decoration plan with the designer, determine your own decoration budget, and sign the decoration construction contract.

3 visit the building materials market: mainly choose the building materials you need. Some building materials that need to be booked in advance, such as floor tiles, often require consumers to pay a certain deposit to the merchant. Ceramic tiles are about 100-200. Try to keep the price as low as possible with the merchants, or the deposit can be refunded, so as to avoid many unnecessary losses

II. Material preparation:

1. Ben and pen

it is particularly important to visit the building materials market. Whether it is to record the decoration knowledge, the price of the product or the contact information of the manufacturer, the design of the home, the expenses during the decoration, etc., they can be carefully recorded for reference. Of course, the best thing is to record your decoration progress and spending every day, which is a magic weapon to control the budget

2. Calculator

if you hold a calculator in your hand, you are not afraid of profiteers setting traps on the total price. Remind everyone that after negotiating the price with the business, we must use our own calculator to check all the total prices. If the total price is calculated incorrectly, the unit price we worked hard to cut will be meaningless

3. Tape measure

measure the house, furniture, cabinet and floor. In short, he can't be absent at any time in the process of decoration

III. money preparation:

if your decoration budget is 50000, you will often find that your actual cost will rise to 60000-70000 after the decoration, so it is recommended that you prepare a little more than your actual budget at the beginning. At the same time, the transportation fee, telephone fee and catering fee during the decoration will rise a lot, so you should be prepared

IV. decoration knowledge preparation:

1 study carefully on the Internet: in the Internet age, there is a great wealth of information, and it is easy to find knowledge in any aspect on the Internet

applicable stage: two months before decoration preparation stage

2 don't be ashamed to ask: ask netizens, experts and manufacturers. No matter you have any doubts about decoration, as long as you have the opportunity, you should not hesitate to ask people with practical experience in decoration. It will definitely benefit a lot in the end

applicable stage: preparation stage 1 month before decoration




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