The wall cloth is coming. Get close to nature and

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The flowers outside the window are bright and beautiful. All kinds of wall cloths with "flowers" are pasted on the wall, bringing more wild interest and vitality to the room all year round

the flowers outside the window are bright and beautiful.

all kinds of wall cloths with "flowers" elements are pasted on the wall.

bring more wild interest and vitality to the room all year round.

just like the gorgeous flowers in the bright spring sneak into the room to bloom.

little popular science, what kind of flower patterns do the wall cloths often have

mirror patterns

mirror patterns have various shapes, including cloth embroidery and yarn dyed jacquard. In the European classical and neoclassical periods, only the noble ladies of the upper class could enjoy the mirror. It is the representative of the luxurious female space, and also a symbol of identity and status

iris pattern

iris pattern is the Royal pattern of French king Francois I, which has been engraved on gold coins for issuance. Later, it was given to the Medici family, the founder of the Renaissance, which is a symbol of sovereignty and dignity

hanging flower vine

hanging flower vine is a landmark decoration in the French neoclassical period. It is mostly used in the hostess room of the upper class society, representing romance, softness and love for life. There are knots, chains, twigs and other forms of expression

Rococo copper porcelain

Rococo is French, which translates to the meaning of shell, so some flower types will have shell shaped French flowerpots; At that time, jewelry that combined western gold and silver with Chinese porcelain was popular in the royal court and upper class society. It was a symbol of dignity and identity


Damascus flower is the best choice for high-end, atmospheric European style. In the heyday of Rome, Damascus flowers were generally decorated in royal courts and high-ranking official and noble residences, so they had an aura of emperors and nobles and were a symbol of prominent status


Passiflora (commonly known as passion fruit) is usually expressed in the shape of fruit or stamen. It is the holy flower of Western religions, representing day and hope, implying that life is booming and more children are more blessed


rose is the queen of flowers, representing beautiful love, protection and loyalty to family. It is the national flower of England


Magnolia looks like a lotus, and its shape is as white as jade. It has the moral of high quality, loyalty and gratitude

plain dark flowers

with the development of technology and the continuous expansion of people's needs, dark wall coverings are becoming more and more popular, often in the form of plain dark flowers, light and shade superposition, light and shade combination and so on. On the one hand, it meets the pursuit of simplicity and fashion, and on the other hand, it meets the pursuit of beauty and culture

when abundant flowers fill the room,

the originally monotonous and static home atmosphere

also becomes flexible and melodious

the vivid texture seems to be emitting bursts of fragrance

like a fish in water, the wall cloth is coming




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