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Aluminum alloy is an important material for home doors and windows. Because everyone has different requirements for aluminum alloy doors and windows, many home aluminum alloy doors and windows are customized. So what are the manufacturing process steps of aluminum alloy doors and windows? Let's have a look

production process of aluminum alloy doors and windows:

the production process of aluminum alloy doors and windows is divided into four steps: 1. Cutting → 2. Drilling → 3. Assembly → 4. Protection or packaging

1. Cutting

cutting, also known as "blanking", is the first process of aluminum alloy doors and windows production, and it is also a key process. Cutting equipment is mainly used for cutting materials. The length of materials shall be determined according to the design requirements and with reference to the detailed construction drawings of doors and windows. It is required to cut accurately; Otherwise, the squareness of the doors and windows is difficult to ensure, and the error value of the cutting size should be controlled within 2mm. Generally speaking, the sliding door and window should be cut at right angles; 45 ° angle cutting should be adopted for cutting materials of horizontal opening doors and windows; For other types, the cutting method shall be selected according to the assembly method

2. Drilling

the frame and leaf assembly of aluminum alloy doors and windows generally adopts screw connection, so whether it is the assembly of horizontal and vertical bars or the fixation of accessories, it is necessary to drill holes at the corresponding positions. For profile drilling, small bench drill or * * type electric drill can be used. The former can effectively ensure the accuracy of drilling position because of its workbench; The latter is because of convenient operation

before drilling, snap lines and position on the profile according to the assembly requirements. The drilling position is required to be accurate and the hole diameter is appropriate. It is not allowed to change the drilling on the surface of the profile repeatedly, because once the hole is formed, it is difficult to repair

3. Assembly

connect and assemble the profile with screws through connectors according to the requirements of the construction detail drawing. Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be assembled in three ways: 45 ° angle butt joint, right angle butt joint and vertical butt joint. The connection of horizontal and vertical bars is generally made with special connectors or aluminum corners, and then fixed with screws, bolts or aluminum pull nails. The rest is packed and protected

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