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Gartner predicts that China's it expenditure in 2016 will reach 2.3 trillion yuan

Gartner, the world's leading information technology research and consulting company, predicts that the total global IT expenditure in 2016 will be $3.49 trillion, down 0.5% from $3.5 trillion in 2015 (see Table 1). Gartner originally predicted that it expenditure would increase by 0.5% in the last quarter. This downward revision was mainly due to exchange rate fluctuations

john David Lovelock, vice president of research at Gartner, said: the potential economic uncertainty has led enterprises and institutions to tighten their belts, and it expenditure is one of the victimized projects. Now enterprises must invest in it projects to support digital business, so the relevant needs are more urgent than ever. Business leaders are well aware of the need for digital transformation, or they will be eliminated in the digital world. In order to realize this vision, enterprise leaders are working on cost optimization in some areas in a difficult environment to prepare funds for digital business

john David Lovelock also pointed out that, for example, saving money to optimize and improve the original system can be used to promote the digital plan. The focus of this is to do more with the same money. Generally speaking, less than 10% of enterprises are optimizing or cutting costs. However, when the current revenue growth rate is not enough to support huge it expenditure, more and more enterprises and institutions have taken the first step of optimization in order to meet the demand for digital business-related expenditure. In addition, since digital business needs both, both business processes and it must be optimized. However, because the optimization of business costs will face many cultural and political obstacles, such as the clean and dust-free surface of 2 experimental devices, the chief information officers (CIOs) of many enterprises are reluctant to raise such a possibility

the most obvious phenomenon after enterprise optimization is the exchange of expenditure status between assets and services. J can actively develop optical fiber cables, optoelectronic materials and devices by using thin-walled products OHN David Lovelock believes that most traditional IT projects now have digital service twin, such as cloud software for licensing software, infrastructure as a service for servers, and volte for honeycomb voice services. Things that had to be purchased as assets in the past can now be provided in the form of services. Most of the twin digital service products have changed the expenditure mode, and they have changed the one-time large payment into a lower monthly payment system. This means that although it is the same activity, the annual expenditure situation will be very different

Gartner worldwide it spending forecast is an indicator Research Report on mainstream technology trends such as hardware, software, it services and telecommunications markets. Over the past 10 years, global IT and business executives have used this quarterly report to understand market opportunities and challenges, and made business decisions based on the contents of the report, using empirical methods rather than speculation

although the equipment has sound anti electric shock measures, the global IT expenditure forecast (unit: 1billion US dollars)

2016 equipment market (including personal computers, ultramobile, tablet computers and printers) is expected to decline by 3.7%. Smart markets around the world are approaching saturation, so growth is slowing down. The PC and ultramobile markets are also expected to shrink due to various factors and different regions. In addition, the continued deterioration of the economic situation in many countries has further amplified the impact of these factors

2016 data center system related expenditures are expected to reach US $175billion, an increase of 2.1% over 2015. The relative stability of top it expenditure masks some changes in other parts; Due to network upgrading, the performance of enterprise network equipment in 2015 was better than expected, and this trend is expected to continue until 2016. External storage using controllers is a continuing challenge. As for servers, the demand for hyperscale equipment will decline in 2016, especially in Eurasia and other regions facing economic challenges. The demand for mainframe update, which made profits in 2015, is expected to decline in 2016 and affect the overall market growth

global enterprise software expenditure is expected to reach 321billion US dollars, an increase of 4.2% over 2015. The downward revision of the operating system growth forecast indicates that Gartner believes that the popularization of windows10 and windows server2016 will be further delayed. However, key emerging markets are the main culprits of the slowdown, especially in Latin America, where political and economic challenges continue to intensify. In a period of economic uncertainty, enterprises and institutions in these regions must strike a balance between cutting costs and seizing growth opportunities

it service expenditure market is expected to resume growth in 2016, reaching US $929billion, an increase of 2.1% over 2015. Japan and India are promising; However, as the political and economic situation of Brazil is facing challenges, and China and South Korea have government measures and weak economy, the markets of Brazil, China and South Korea are declining, which almost offset the contribution of Japan and India to the overall market

in 2016, the telecom service expenditure is expected to decline by 2.0% and the total expenditure will reach US $1.4 trillion. The continued economic downturn in major markets such as Russia and Brazil has restrained the expenditure related to fixed line and mobile voice. In addition, the slightly slower growth in China has also reduced consumer confidence, which in turn has affected the expenditure related to fixed voice services. In terms of corporate services, the above three markets are forced to carry out business combinations (reduce links and expenses) due to the situation. However, as the popularity of bandwidth, mobile applications and 4g/lte networks drives up the service price, mobile data related expenditure has become a highlight of accelerated growth

gartner predicts that China's it expenditure will reach 2.3 trillion yuan in 2016, an increase of 3.75% over 2015

Table II. It expenditure forecast in China (unit: RMB 1million)

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