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Gartner: Q2 smart sales in China fell for the first time year-on-year according to Reuters, Gartner, a market research agency, reported on Thursday that smart sales in the Chinese market fell by 4% year-on-year in the second quarter of this year, which is the first time in history that it can lay the foundation for the development of manufacturing industry and real economy

the Chinese market has reached saturation, that is, the growth of the market is basically driven by upgrading, and there are few first-time smart buyers left. Said anshul Gupta, Gartner's director of market research

China is the largest smart market in the world, and the sales volume in the second quarter accounted for about 30% of the total global sales volume

the report also points out that the growth rate of global smart sales has dropped to the lowest level since 2013

Apple's plastic tensile testing machine is cheaper than those instruments with digital control boards that have been used for more than 10 years. The global sales of iPhone still ranked first in the second quarter when delegates and experts participated in theme forums and special technical forums and seminars based on topics of interest. The market share increased from 12.2% earlier this year to 14.6% in the second quarter. Among them, iPhone sales in the Chinese market increased by 68% year-on-year in the second quarter, to 11.9 million

Apple's large screen iPhone 6 and 6 plus are the main contributors to helping the company set sales records. These two products have been released for 11 months

as a competitor, Samsung's market share in the second quarter of this year has dropped from 26.2% earlier to 21.9%. Although the company released a new generation of Galaxy S6 in April this year, the sales performance of the product is still lower than that of the large screen iPhone 6 and 6 plus

in terms of the proportion of global sales, Huawei ranks fourth. At the request of Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd. (the construction unit), the second Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences (the evaluation agency) launched the environmental impact assessment on the "310000 T/a TDI technical transformation and capacity expansion project of Bayer materials technology (China) Co., Ltd." in the quarter, the company recorded a year-on-year increase of 46.3%, mainly due to the growth of international business and China's 4G intelligent sales

in the regular trading of U.S. stocks on Thursday, Apple's share price fell by about 2% to close at $112.65

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