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The city's power supply, gas and heat units shall not shut down without authorization

"power supply, gas and heat units shall not shut down without authorization", "customer service of relevant enterprises must be opened 24 hours" and "citizens are encouraged to buy electricity and gas"... Yesterday, at the release meeting of the prevention and control of pneumonia infected by novel coronavirus in Beijing, relevant departments introduced a series of details of urban operation service guarantee during the epidemic prevention and control period. Chenbei, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, said that in the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, it is necessary to "everyone has a responsibility and everyone is responsible"

the cooling is coming, and the "temperature rise order" is issued.

it is predicted that the cooling process will occur in Japan from February 2 to 7. The Municipal Urban Management Committee has issued a notice to the industry competent departments and heat supply units in all districts, requiring that the heat supply service guarantee be in place

Han Li, deputy director of the Municipal Urban Management Committee, said that the city should strengthen the operation guarantee of power supply, gas supply and heat supply, and timely repair in case of failure. These public utilities should not stop business without authorization. All units shall ensure 24-hour uninterrupted service of customer service, encourage residents to purchase electricity and gas, and reduce unnecessary travel

at present, the Beijing gas app can handle self-service meter reading, gas purchase and recharge, and different gas repair requests that determine the sensors used. The electric power company introduced the measure of "arrearage without power cut". Residents can also pay for electricity through online channels such as national app

the heating industry has actively carried out the "do it before litigation", which has increased the service mechanism of stretching space (which the vertical experimental machine cannot do), and strengthened the inspection and maintenance of heating pipelines. "During the Spring Festival, the city received 745 heating appeals from citizens, a year-on-year decrease of 54.37%." Han Li said that for heat supply repair, you can directly call the district heat supply unit for service. If it is not handled in time, you can call 12345

each power supply, gas supply and heat supply unit shall increase the disinfection frequency of public contact facilities, equipment and appliances such as business halls, windows, counters, self-service payment terminals, tables and chairs. Window workers shall also be equipped with protective equipment

when it is necessary to enter the house or provide door-to-door services, the operators must wear masks and disinfect the work clothes, gloves and soles before entering the house each time. Operators shall take temperature measurement and record before taking the post. In case of any abnormality, they shall immediately arrange for medical treatment and suspend the service. At the same time, operators shall wash their hands, change masks and protective clothing in time before and after work, and avoid being infected by viruses while completing service guarantee tasks

according to the statistics of the Municipal Urban Management Committee, during the Spring Festival, the city's maximum power load reached 14.76 million KW, a year-on-year decrease of 9%, and the urban power operation was generally stable; The city dispatched a total of 494300 sanitation workers, and the daily average domestic waste removal and transportation volume was 17400 tons, two-thirds of the normal volume. At present, the daily consumption of natural gas in the city is about 82million cubic meters, and the daily consumption of liquefied petroleum gas is about 180 tons, which can meet the needs of urban operation

Han Li said that the urban management committees of all districts and the units of urban operation industries will implement the "four directions" of territories, departments, units and individuals, establish an epidemic prevention and control system, strictly prevent and control the epidemic, and jointly prevent and control the spread of the epidemic due to the inadequate implementation of prevention and control measures, which will affect the service guarantee of urban operation

strengthen disinfection, daily garbage collection

how to discard used masks? "Look at the usage scenario of the mask." Han Li said that if the masks used in medical institutions, fever clinics, suspected case observation sites and other places are medical waste, they should be put into special garbage cans and collected, transported and treated by professional institutions. If the mask is used by healthy people, it shall be treated according to the classification of domestic waste and put into other garbage cans for disposal. "It is encouraged to put the mask in the garbage bag, tie it tightly with a rope and put it into the garbage can. If possible, it can be sprayed with disinfectant." Han Li said,

do you want to set up a special garbage can for putting masks? Hanli introduced that the masks used by healthy people have a low risk and can be normally put into "other garbage" bins. "The environmental sanitation operation Department will strengthen the disinfection and consumption of these garbage collection facilities to achieve daily cleaning. It is hoped that the plastic granulator heated by Municipal Coal and natural gas will not discard the used masks without auxiliary parts."

the city will comprehensively check the temporary stacking sites of domestic garbage, accumulated garbage and sanitary dead corners, and clean them up in time; Increase the frequency of itinerant collection of household garbage to ensure daily cleaning; Strengthen the operation supervision of domestic waste and fecal treatment facilities; Strengthen the collection and transportation management of kitchen waste in catering service units to achieve closed collection and transportation and standardized disinfection; Strengthen the supervision of construction waste

the city will clean and disinfect the sanitary facilities and domestic waste treatment facilities such as closed domestic waste cleaning station, waste bin station, collection point, temporary storage point, peel box, etc. every day. The cleaning and disinfection of public toilets will also be strengthened to ensure that they are clean and tidy without peculiar smell

the elevator keys should be disinfected twice a day

"there is no need to overuse disinfectants." HeXiong, deputy director of the Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention, introduced that disinfection sites are divided into indoor and outdoor environments in principle. Indoors, if there is neither confirmed patient nor suspected infected person in the home, it is enough to keep it clean. If there have been patients or potential infections in the home, all countertops can be wiped and disinfected with a chlorine containing preparation with a concentration of 500 mg/L. He Xiong gave the matching tips. Taking 84 disinfectant sold on the market as an example, a lid has a scale that can be matched directly. A lid filled with liquid is about 7ml. After wiping for 30 minutes, wipe it again with clean water and wet cloth to prevent the disinfectant from corroding the furniture and producing adverse effects

He Xiong suggested that the keys commonly used by people in the elevator should be disinfected and wiped twice a day. If it is a private car used by patients or suspected patients, the car should also be disinfected. Bus, subway and other public transport should also be disinfected regularly

"what is more important than disinfection is to develop good personal health habits." He Xiong said, "washing hands frequently and keeping the distance between people during the epidemic prevention and control... We have done it. We are close to achieving the goal of epidemic control."

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