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Gaobao: return to the campus to share cutting-edge printing technology

Shanghai Publishing and printing high coal enterprises themselves should also take the initiative to adapt to the new normal and other junior colleges, Xi'an University of technology, Wuhan University and Beijing Institute of printing. Recently, German gaobao company has left footprints of campus lecture tour in this famous Printing College. Sharing the latest printing technology and its development trend with college teachers and students, gaobao company is committed to bringing the most cutting-edge printing knowledge to the people who need it most

explore new ways of school enterprise cooperation

the first time German gaobao company entered Chinese campuses can be traced back to 2002, when Hefei Sino German printing training center of Anhui Publishing vocational and technical college was established, which is a new platform for Sino German cooperation in training printing talents. Subsequently, gaobao company assembled two of the most advanced printing equipment at that time, libida 74 and libida 105u offset printing machines. In may2007, Anhui Publishing vocational and Technical College held the unveiling ceremony of German gaobao printing training center and the signing ceremony of school enterprise cooperation. At this time, gaobao's training work has also stepped to a new level

2009, gaobao held a tour exhibition in Harbin, the capital city in the northernmost part of China. A university teacher heard that gaobao was going to hold a lecture here, so he took the initiative to lead more than 40 students to the event site. However, due to the limited space in the venue, so many people could not be accommodated. The students expressed their understanding and offered to stand beside the seats to listen to the lecture. In fact, it's a pity that we only left a dozen graduate students and senior students. This activity deeply touched gaobao. The students in the school are too eager for cutting-edge printing technology knowledge. As a printing machine manufacturing enterprise, we should shoulder the mission, open up a new path of school enterprise cooperation, and bring the latest printing technology feast to the teachers and students in the school. In october2010, gaobao company officially embarked on the journey of campus lecture tour. They are standing at a new starting point to expand the school enterprise cooperation mode, which is different from the one-to-one cooperative school running mode launched by gaobao company in the early stage, because at this time, they are facing colleges and universities across the country, aiming to benefit more students

the first stop of gaobao's campus trip was Shanghai Publishing and printing college. Gaobao is still unforgettable for the strong support and high cooperation of the school. Hearing that we were going to give a lecture, the school immediately convened teachers and students to organize the event by using the school's lecture hall. The leaders of the school also attended the campus lectures of gaobao company. The lecture received a very good response. Director zhoufanhua of Shanghai Publishing and Printing College introduced that gaobao has brought us new technical knowledge. In our school, technical lectures are very popular. Although all the technical points are covered in the textbook, each machine has its own characteristics and needs this in-depth explanation. The reason why students recognize such a lecture is that it is different from general commercial advertisements. These contents are very helpful for students to work in the future and directly understand the use of equipment. Gaobao company and the school also made further discussion on the future cooperation mode. This is indeed a good start, because teachers and students of the school cherish such a learning opportunity, and the efforts of gaobao company have been greatly recognized

when gaobao arrived at Xi'an University of technology, it happened that zhoushisheng, Dean of the school of printing and packaging engineering, presided over a three-day branch of the graduate academic annual meeting of the school. He chose an afternoon session for gaobao to organize a lecture. In fact, the teachers participating in the annual meeting are the professors participating in the thesis defense of graduate students. This small lecture for 40 or 50 professors and graduate students is like an open and inclusive seminar. The teachers and students had a heated discussion on the cutting-edge printing technology and development trend introduced by gaobao, and achieved very good results. A student confided after the meeting that these contents are not seen in the teaching materials, and the teachers rarely involve them in the class. Even if they are mentioned, they will not be so detailed and comprehensive. After listening to gaobao's lecture, we really felt we had a great harvest. As a printing machine manufacturing enterprise, gaobao has opened a window for teachers and students to understand the world's advanced printing knowledge

when gaobao entered the famous printing and packaging Department of Wuhan University to hold a lecture, it was also warmly welcomed by the University. Last year, two teachers participated in the exhibition tour of gaobao company in Wuhan, and were deeply impressed by that activity. Gaobao's teaching method was practical, which gave us a deeper understanding of UV technology. We hope to have more opportunities to participate in such activities in the future. We will integrate some contents into our future teaching, so that students can benefit from it. The school authorities gave positive feedback on the speech content organized by gaobao company, which strengthened gaobao's confidence and determination to continue on the road of public welfare

in the whole campus lecture tour, Beijing Institute of printing and technology is the one that needs to match the requirements best. Gaobao company intended to continue to teach public courses on the subject of cutting-edge printing technology, but it had unexpected gains in the early communication process. Beijing Institute of printing is promoting a new project, which is related to green and environmental protection. Knowing that gaobao company talked about the theme of green innovation in the recent tour exhibition, and was very interested in this topic, it took the initiative to invite gaobao company to Beijing Institute of printing to make a report on the development status and trend of green printing equipment process control. Nearly 100 teachers and students of the school listened to this important lecture. This lecture is different from the first three sessions. Its communication is more specific and its needs are more clear

next, gaobao company will join hands with Beijing Printing Institute to establish a research institute. President Cao Peng is looking forward to such cooperation and believes that it will be a win-win result. Internationally, gaobao is a leading enterprise in packaging and printing, with outstanding technical advantages, which can drive the development of printing equipment industry. Our school focuses on cultivating talents. Cooperating with gaobao, we can cultivate more talents who can meet the needs of gaobao's equipment and technology development. In addition, in the process of cooperation, we can also digest and absorb existing technologies, so as to play a leading role in the field of domestic education

in fact, unlike the financial aid of scholarships, gaobao campus travel emphasizes a direct ideological connection, brings the most front-line technology, and promotes the most practical results of school enterprise cooperation. This is also the fundamental reason why gaobao campus travel is popular

awaken the awareness of enterprises

looking at the current situation of technical personnel training in China, it is not satisfactory. With the development of market economy, the demand of society for talents is increasing, and different demand standards are shown for different levels, so the competition for talents is becoming more and more fierce. The training goal of Vocational Education in Colleges and universities is to cultivate compound applied technical talents. However, schools often fail to achieve the goal of comprehensive training and successful delivery to the society in terms of curriculum and teaching methods. The students who are lack of theoretical study have a great gap between their practical ability and the international general level. It is the proper meaning of talent training in Colleges and universities to focus on cultivating students' knowledge and practical ability to recognize the majority and mix it with domestic garbage, so as to meet the needs of production, management and service, and make students become higher technical and compound talents who can meet the needs of professional posts and have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience and practical ability

it should be recognized that this training objective requires joint efforts of many parties. In schools, teachers teach students systematic and basic knowledge, but this knowledge lacks a kind of foresight and practicality. Printing itself is a subject that attaches importance to practice. Few colleges and universities. The characteristics of wood plastic products, such as resource utilization of raw materials, plasticization of products, environmental protection of industry, economic utilization and low-carbon recycling, can effectively alleviate the above problems. They can directly purchase expensive printing equipment for students to learn. Some schools choose to use backward models eliminated by enterprises, which is far from meeting future employment needs

subsequently, the school enterprise cooperation mode entered the printing Higher Vocational Colleges in due course, which is mainly manifested in short-term internships, enterprises setting up scholarships, etc. However, the effect of short-term internship is not ideal. Students take it more as a way to obtain credits and deal with problems. Enterprises also have no time to distract themselves from training, so as not to affect the production progress. Although the establishment of scholarships can play a certain incentive role, it has little effect on the improvement of students' practical ability

gaobao company, which has always regarded talent training as an enterprise, began to think about bringing the freshest teaching experience to school teachers and students. Go into higher vocational colleges, teachers and students to spread knowledge and answer students' puzzles. We have the task of educating talents, which is not only the behavior of the national government departments, but also the behavior of our printing machine manufacturers. We should better export advanced knowledge for the whole society and combine ideas with practice, so that more talents will return to our printing industry and benefit the whole society. Therefore, promoting the development of vocational skills is an important mission of our enterprise

facts have proved that gaobao's new model and this heart are needed and recognized by the school. The PPT materials broadcasted by gaobao company during the lecture tour on campus were sought after by many teachers. After the lecture, they had in-depth discussions with the trainers. The teachers hope to bring this knowledge to the classroom and enrich the students' horizons. Indeed, these contents are of great enlightening significance to both college students who are about to graduate and graduate students who continue to engage in scientific research

just as gaobao said, it is a pragmatist. Gaobao will adhere to its own direction and principles when walking into the campus, do real things, try its best to bring various supports to the school teachers and students, continue to carry out campus activities, and improve it every year. In gaobao's view, teaching the most cutting-edge technological achievements is only the beginning. In the future, gaobao plans to invite teachers and students from colleges and universities to visit gaobao's customer enterprises, demonstrate the new machine operation, and even arrange students to practice on the computer. This kind of talent cultivation process is as long as the process of planting trees. However, we believe that "this kind of material is more environmentally friendly. The forest planted by SinoPac will be lush and fruitful

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