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Domestic and foreign troubles coexist in China's wallpaper industry

in recent years, the choice of wallpaper has become a trend. If the hardness is higher than this range, use the Rockwell hardness a scale HRA flow. Wallpaper is visually comfortable, soft to touch, diverse in color, rich in style, and artistic. It can reflect the taste and preferences of the owner through texture, color and technology

in fact, wallpaper is not a new thing. It was quite popular as early as the 1990s. However, in recent years, it has been leading the development of B2B industry for a time, and the consumption concept of using wallpaper as an identity symbol has changed greatly with the entry of various international paint brands and the strengthening of environmental awareness. In addition, the inaction of wallpaper enterprises in how to solve environmental protection problems in technological innovation directly caused the subsequent market to plummet, until driven by the real estate boom in 2004, It began to heat up gradually

bright future according to official data, in recent years, China's total wallpaper consumption has increased year by year, with an annual increase of more than 20%. The wallpaper industry is facing huge market opportunities

with the first batch of post-90s entering the late marriage age and joining the army of house buying and decoration, the prospect of wallpaper industry with environmental protection, fashion and personality as the main characteristics seems to be more clear

to the right, when the quality of products is no longer the main bottleneck hindering the development of the industry, high prices and uneven sales service quality have become the sword of damolius in the head of the national wallpaper industry. If it is not solved, the future of the wallpaper industry is really hard to say

take the guardian of the earth wallpaper, which has a relatively good market share. It uses stone as a new environmental protection material, coupled with the diversified needs of three grades and transparent real price, which greatly dispels the concerns of consumers and meets their needs. Therefore, fiberform technology, pultrusion molding and one-way (UD) belt technology are sought after

where to go wallpaper is not only related to the national energy conservation and environmental protection, low-carbon economy, and the high efficiency of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, but also important new materials. At the same time, in front of the wallpaper market are price, quality and after-sales service. Only when the three are well balanced can the market be expanded. However, in the face of the demand of the wallpaper market, from the perspective of the whole industry, in order to seek the common development of the industry, it requires not only the joint efforts of brands, dealers and the government, but also the majority of brand wallpaper enterprises to consciously abide by the industry self-discipline to constantly regulate the wallpaper market

of course, all this needs to be represented by the earth Guardian wallpaper, using new papermaking technology to eliminate consumers' environmental concerns, and developing more affordable products that consumers can buy and use. Only the enterprises deep in the wallpaper industry center work together, can this new industry that benefits the country and the people to build an ecological harmonious society develop better

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