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Wang Xiaohua: Liugong forklift truck should grow rapidly into a core product

Wang Xiaohua: Liugong forklift truck should grow rapidly into a core product

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Guide: in the afternoon of May 31, Liugong forklift truck division held a ceremony in Yanghe forklift truck production base in Liuzhou with a monthly sales of more than 1000 forklifts and exports of more than 200 forklifts. Wang Xiaohua, chairman of Liugong group, Huang Min, vice president of the joint stock company, Wang Taiping, assistant to the president and general manager of forklift business department, and forklift business department

in the afternoon of May 31, Liugong forklift business department held a "celebration of more than 1000 forklifts sold and more than 200 forklifts exported in a single month in May" at Yanghe forklift production base in Liuzhou. More than 350 people, including Wang Xiaohua, chairman of Liugong group, Huang Min, vice president of the joint stock company, Wang Taiping, assistant to the president and general manager of the forklift business unit, and representatives of managers and employees of the forklift business unit and the international marketing business unit, attended the ceremony in the rain. Wu Jidong, director of Liuzhou Yanghe Management Committee, was invited to attend the ceremony and delivered a speech

affected by the global and Chinese macro-economy, the domestic demand of forklift industry in the first half of this year fell by about 10% year-on-year. In the case of the overall decline of the industry, Liugong has maintained a good development momentum of the forklift product line by adjusting the sales strategy and product structure, actively expanding sales channels and developing major customer resources. From January to May this year, Liugong forklift product line achieved a total sales of 3635 units, of which 615 units were exported, with a year-on-year increase of 73%; In May, the export of 225 sets in a single month reached a record high. Liugong forklift products have been recognized by international users, and their international competitiveness has been continuously improved. The products have been exported to North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, pan Russian region, Southeast Asia and other regions. In May, Liugong forklift successfully won the bid for the purchase project of 123 sets of 5-ton forklifts with pendulum mounds hanging on the pendulum poles by the Turkish military. In 2012, the company aims to export more than 3000 forklifts, ranking among the top three forklift export shares in the industry. "Two years ago, chairman Wang Xiaohua encouraged the forklift division to add 0 to 1000 units in the future at the celebration of 'production and sales of 1000 units in the first quarter of 2010' of the forklift division. Today, I can confidently tell you that the production and sales of the forklift Division will definitely exceed 10000 units in 2012!" Wang Taiping, assistant to the president, said proudly at the ceremony

8. Uniformity of temperature field in order to more accurately simulate the actual environmental state of products in nature, Huang Min, vice president of Liugong Co., Ltd., said at the ceremony that the quality of Liugong forklift products has been very close to that of domestic leading enterprises, but there is still a certain gap from the requirements of international middle and high-end customers for forklift product quality; In the future, Liugong forklift product line needs to further improve product quality, improve product series, constantly meet the needs of medium and high-end customers at home and abroad, and strive to build Liugong forklift into an excellent brand of forklift in China

At the celebration ceremony, chairman Wang Xiaohua, on behalf of the company, congratulated and thanked the forklift product line for its good performance in the market adversity. He pointed out that since the beginning of this year, the domestic market has remained depressed, but the country is actively carrying out macro-control, and the economy will develop towards the trend of "seeking progress in stability"; In the process of national macroeconomic adjustment, there are still huge market opportunities, but "we must first ensure quality when choosing between quantity and quality", and we should establish the brand image of Liugong forklift with high quality. He stressed that the company has adjusted the strategic layout of forklift product line in the whole company. The forklift business department should seize such a development opportunity, consolidate the foundation of product quality, and constantly develop good products and high-end products that meet market demand; It is hoped that in the next seven months, all employees of the forklift Division will carry forward the spirit of "899" of unity and hard work, fight a beautiful turnaround in the way of constantly evolving interaction between individuals, enterprises, customers, society, natural systems and man-made systems, strive to achieve the sales target of more than 10000 units, and add bricks and tiles to the completion of the goals and tasks of the whole group company, And the forklift product line continues to rise from the company's strategic cultivation product, the international influence of the plastic extruder industry, and rapidly grows into another core product of the company

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