The hottest wallpaper is popular. Is the era of pa

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Wallpaper is popular. Is the era of paint over

wallpaper is popular. Is the era of paint over

September 28, 2007

just when people are talking about the popularity and sales of the floor festival of Linjiang decorative City, which has just ended, there is an amazing news from Linjiang decorative City: the "Linjiang wallpaper world", known as the wallpaper base, with springs or elastic components as its components and the professional market of Linjiang hardware, will once again make efforts to impact the National Day golden week and hold a grand wallpaper hardware Festival on September 29

interior wall decoration: entering the era of wallpaper

in recent years, wallpaper has a great impact on the paint market. In economically developed areas, the momentum of using wallpaper for interior wall decoration is getting stronger and stronger. It is understood that this year, the sales of wallpaper in Guangzhou decoration market increased significantly. In addition, in the same period last year, the demand for wallpaper in Chongqing increased rapidly. At present, wallpaper has become a new favorite material for interior wall decoration

the reason why the sales volume of wallpaper market continues to rise is that it meets the needs of decoration style and artistic personality. No matter the rural style decoration or the classical decoration of the court, it is inseparable from the indoor wallpaper. It is understood that the interior walls of the White House in the United States and Buckingham Palace in the United Kingdom are decorated with wallpaper. Therefore, some insiders believe that the interior wall decoration has entered the era of wallpaper

at the healthy wallpaper hardware festival of Linjiang decoration City, Linjiang wallpaper world will bring wallpaper merchants to offer consumers a cost-effective and artistic wallpaper feast. It is revealed that the lowest price is only 9 yuan per square meter, or 30 yuan per roll. It can be seen that Linjiang wallpaper hardware Festival is another unprecedented promotional activity

Linjiang wallpaper world: make full use of wallpaper advantages

Linjiang decorative City, in addition to being a wood floor base, also has wallpaper advantages. Majiayan Linjiang decoration city took the lead in opening up a professional market for centralized wholesale and retail wallpaper in the city's building materials market. In the past, wallpaper was mainly retail business, and a wallpaper wholesale and retail base was established systematically in Linjiang, which promoted the mature development of the wallpaper market in our city. It is said that Linjiang wallpaper world brings together many well-known international and domestic brands, dozens of manufacturers and thousands of varieties. In recent years, it has also created a new business format, wallpaper supermarket

Linjiang hardware base: large scale and full variety

Linjiang decoration City hardware base is the oldest wholesale of decoration hardware in our city. At present, Linjiang hardware base is a real hardware wholesale and retail base with a large scale and complete variety, radiating Chongqing Fuling, Wanzhou, Hechuan, Nanchuan and other places. Therefore, it has great advantages in price and guaranteed product quality

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