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Wang Kun: cautiously optimistic about the "12th Five Year Plan" of China's electrical industry

[Guide: covering more than 30 fields from power generation equipment to power transmission and transformation equipment and then to electrical equipment, the electrical industry is an important part of China's national economy. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, how it will develop and what development priorities it will have become a topic of special concern to industry insiders. For this reason, a special interview was made with Wang Kunxiang, the drafter of the 12th Five Year Plan of the electrical industry, China Electrical Industry Association, and the director of the industry development and consulting department of the association The present and future of China's electrical industry are introduced.]

power system equipment: what is the development status of China's electrical industry

Wang Kun: at present, China's electrical industry has grown into a basic pillar industry that can meet domestic demand and provide power and electrical equipment and equipment. In terms of power generation, the total installed capacity of power generation in China has ranked second in the world. In 2009, the total installed capacity of power generation in China reached 870million kW, of which coal power accounted for 76%, hydropower accounted for 21%, and others accounted for about 3%. China's power scale ranks first in the world, and its technical level has been in the forefront of the world. In 2009, 35? The total length of the transmission line above kV is about 1.1 million km, the total capacity of the operating transformer is about 1.8 billion KVA, and the maximum voltage has reached AC 1000? KV, DC 800? kV。

with the major breakthroughs in design and manufacturing technology and the improvement of quality, some major products such as power generation, transmission and transformation equipment in China have been upgraded and reached the international advanced level. Among the power generation equipment, 600000 kW supercritical, 1million kW ultra supercritical thermal power units and 700000 kW hydropower units have become mature products, forming a batch production capacity, and the technology and quality of products have reached the international advanced level. In 2009, China produced 48 supercritical and ultra supercritical thermal power units with 34.35 million KW, including 12 ultra supercritical units with 1million kW. The products produced by the three major power generation equipment manufacturing groups account for 70% of the national power generation equipment

in terms of power transmission and transformation equipment, China has been able to independently develop 500? KV EHV DC power transmission and transformation main equipment, 750? KV UHV AC power transmission and transformation main equipment, 800? KV UHV DC transmission and transformation and 1000? KV UHV AC power transmission and transformation equipment, including 1000? More than 90% of the equipment of kV Jindongnan Nanyang Jingmen line is domestically manufactured, 800? The equipment localization rate of kV Yunguang line also reached 60%

in the past five years, the scale of China's electrical industry has achieved unprecedented development, and the economic aggregate of production and sales during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period has more than doubled compared with the end of the tenth five year plan. The total assets of the electrical industry increased by 119% from 972.197 billion yuan at the end of 2005 to 2128.029 billion yuan at the end of 2009; The total industrial output value and industrial sales output value also increased by 1.3 times respectively, with an average annual growth of 32%; p>

however, while seeing the achievements, we must also be soberly aware of the problems on the way forward. Similarly, in the above fields, China still relies on foreign countries for key products and technologies, such as gas turbines and high head pumped storage units in the power generation equipment manufacturing industry, which rely not only on foreign countries for design, but also on imports for some components; 800? Most of the DC field equipment in the kV DC transmission project is also imported

power system equipment: what do you think is the reason why China's key technology products rely on foreign countries? How should we change

Wang Kun: the reason for this situation is that most of the technologies in China's manufacturing industry come from abroad, and it takes a long time to introduce, digest, absorb and re innovate; In addition to the changes in the globalization development strategy of international manufacturing industry, the industrial transfer of developed countries is limited. High technology and core technology are not transferred, but multinational companies are used as carriers to enter China, which increases the difficulty of cultivating high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China

changing technology from market can only get entry-level technology. We must improve our awareness of independent innovation. To change this situation, we should focus on solving four common problems in China

first, solve the problem of over dependence on factor input and low economic efficiency. The extensive development mode of China's electrical industry, which relies on large-scale investment of resources and funds, has become the main reason for overcapacity of general products, forming vicious competition in some fields. For example, the investment of 4trillion yuan caused a serious surplus of cables, transformers and other products. In 2010, China's transformer production capacity reached 1.5 times the world's demand in 2009, resulting in low price competition. The price of some enterprises in the bidding quotation of transformers is only 80% of the material cost

second, large enterprise groups are not strong, and there is a lack of safety precautions for pressure blasting testing machines: specialized, special and refined small giant enterprises are supporting them. China's electrical industry has strong manufacturing capacity and weak R & D capacity; There are many technologies that rely on imported technology and few technologies with independent intellectual property rights; High output value and low industrial added value; With strong single machine manufacturing ability and weak system integration ability, we must improve the industrial chain and establish an innovation system with enterprises as the main body to improve the competitiveness of large enterprise groups. We advocate enterprises to develop in the direction of specialization, precision and specialty. For this reason, we are promoting the professional production of motor stamping. Previously, this part was produced by each motor enterprise itself. Each enterprise needs to build a high energy consumption annealing furnace. After centralized production, it will not only save energy but also save materials. We will first set up sites in key areas where motor production is concentrated, such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and the Pearl River Delta

Thirdly, the technological innovation system needs to be improved urgently. The establishment of a perfect technological innovation system is the key to the sustainable development of China's equipment manufacturing industry. The technological innovation system of equipment manufacturing industry consists of basic research, common technology research, product development and industrialization. However, the reform of the system of scientific research institutions in China has weakened the first two links, and even made them absent, which has caused an obvious impact that is not conducive to industrial innovation

at present, it is urgent to use the Transformation Research Institute to rebuild the public service platform for basic and generic technology research (including design, process, standardization, testing, financial services, supply and demand information exchange, technology introduction, etc.), because the absence of such technology will hinder the digestion, absorption and re innovation of the introduced technology. Moreover, it is a pre competitive technology and has a certain degree of public welfare. Supporting the construction of public service platforms requires financial support from the government. Now Shanghai has launched a tax reduction and exemption system for public welfare research institutes. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, we should give priority to the development of general basic parts (liquid, gas, dense), large castings and forgings, key special materials (high-grade insulating materials), components and parts of control system (including instruments and meters), functional components of CNC machine tools, and expect a breakthrough

fourth, all government departments should truly implement and jointly implement the policies issued by the State Council to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry. For the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry and the cultivation and development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the government has issued policies that can be said to have given sufficient support. The current problem is to implement it in accordance with the unified goal

power system equipment: what is the general idea of the development of China's electrical industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period

Wang Kun: according to the plan made by the association, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's electrical industry should adhere to the new road of industrialization, take promoting the structural adjustment and optimization of the electrical industry as the main line of the 12th Five Year Plan of the electrical industry, and bring the electrical industry to a new stage through the implementation of the plan

to achieve this goal, we need to focus on strengthening independent innovation and technological transformation, developing major technical equipment, breaking through key technologies, and further improving the ability of localization; Strive to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, promote green manufacturing, and change from consumption and pollution-based manufacturing to green manufacturing; Focus on promoting the merger and reorganization of enterprises, promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, advocate the establishment of several strategic alliances combining production, learning and research, improve the technical level of small and medium-sized enterprises in the electrical industry, speed up the construction of industrial clusters, and cultivate and develop leading backbone enterprises with international competitiveness. At present, we have established power tool production bases in Jiaxing and Yuyao, and small power motor manufacturing bases in Shengzhou, Zhejiang; Strive to establish a national common technology research and development platform for the electrical industry, establish and improve the standards and conformity assessment system of the electrical industry, improve product quality and raise the threshold of product access; We will focus on accelerating the transformation of high and new technologies, upgrading the traditional equipment manufacturing industry, transforming products into digitalization, intelligence and automation, vigorously developing modern service manufacturing, and promoting the integration of industrialization and informatization

at present, the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of the electrical industry made by our association has formed a second draft, which will be released around the Spring Festival and solicited opinions from the whole society

power system equipment: what do you think of the 12th Five year plan market of China's electrical industry? What are the development priorities

Wang Kun: from now on to 2020 will be an important period for China's economic development. To basically complete industrialization and achieve the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, manufacturing will still be the pillar and leading force. We are cautiously optimistic about the power generation equipment market during the 12th Five Year Plan period, because according to the plans issued by the relevant national departments, the installed capacity of power generation will increase significantly. It may reach 1.4 billion kw at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, and there will be an annual increase of 70million to 80million kW. The market capacity is relatively optimistic. However, it should be noted that the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation will account for the majority, and the installed capacity of thermal power is expected to account for about half of the annual installed capacity. At present, the sum of the annual capacity of the three major power generation equipment manufacturing enterprises has reached 80million kW

we believe that during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the development priorities of the industry should include 600000 kW supercritical circulating fluidized bed boilers in the field of power generation equipment, IGCC combined cycle power generation equipment, high parameter ultra supercritical units, super high head, super large capacity giant hydropower units, AP1000 third-generation nuclear power units, fast reactors, high-temperature gas cooled reactors and other fourth-generation nuclear power units with independent intellectual property rights? MW and above wind turbines, among which 400000 kW heavy-duty gas turbines and 250000 kW and above pumped storage units are the top priority

the development priorities in the field of power transmission and transformation equipment include UHV AC and DC transmission complete sets of devices (the focus is on complete sets, strengthening the research and development of key accessories, and solving the problem of domestic hollowness), high-capacity facts equipment, high-voltage electrical equipment monitoring and condition evaluation devices, intelligent primary equipment, new intelligent (digital) substations, transmission line condition identification devices, etc

in the field of consumer equipment, we should focus on the development of consumer intelligent appliances and systems, consumer energy management systems, smart meters, smart building systems, electric vehicles and charging devices

power system equipment: can you give an example to illustrate the development focus of key areas

Wang Kun: let me take pumped storage units, gas turbines and intelligent equipment as examples

in the development of large pumped storage units, China has a lack of technical accumulation in the development of unit hydraulic models and the analysis of unit working condition conversion and transition process; No domestic unit operation experience; The overall commissioning of domestic pumped storage power station on-site equipment still needs foreign technical support; The finite element calculation method in structural analysis has been popularized, but there is no standard for the evaluation of results, both in bidding and design

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