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Wanfeng technology project was selected into the 2018 national key research and development plan "intelligent robot" special project

recently, the high technology research and development center of the Ministry of science and technology announced the list of 50 selected projects in the 2018 national key research and development plan "intelligent robot" special project, Led by Wanfeng Technology Development Co., Ltd., which is one of the largest profile production enterprises in Southwest China, the project of "research and development and industrialization of intelligent grinding and polishing robot system for automobile hubs" was selected. It is the only selected project in Shaoxing, and a total of three projects in the province were selected

aiming at the requirements of automatic and intelligent grinding and polishing of automobile hubs, the project focuses on key technologies such as grinding and polishing process modeling and parameter optimization, grinding and polishing robot system design and motion control, rigid and flexible hybrid force control end effector design and robot force position hybrid control, and provides complete sets of process and equipment solutions for wheel hubs grinding and polishing, as well as hardware The common technical support provided by parts grinding and polishing in aerospace and other fields is the price support of the two products, and the overall technical level of the project has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level

The PLA is also being successfully selected into the national key R & D plan by omnipotent, thanks to the combination of industry, University and research. Through strategic cooperation with Ningbo Institute of materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Harbin Institute of technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuxi Research Institute, central China University of science and technology, Tianjin University of technology, etc., the company actively implements the national strategy of "made in China 2025" and deeply promotes the integration of industrialization and industrialization. In April last year, the company became the only enterprise in Zhejiang Province to be selected into the first batch of "industrial robot industry standard conditions" issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and its scientific research achievements were selected into the "world's top ten scientific and technological advances in Intelligent Manufacturing" issued by the China Association for science and technology. At present, the company has more than 20 global leading technologies, among which "key technology and engineering application of ultra thin-walled metal conduit high-precision bending forming equipment" won the first prize of provincial scientific and technological progress. The selection of the project is also inseparable from the support of the Party committee and the government. Our city has thoroughly implemented the concept of "three services", and through the municipal leaders' command to contact the project system, relevant departments and local street groups to provide on-site services, we have opened up a green channel for the introduction and production of the project, and the extension rate of Wanfeng technology Jinyuan project, etc.) to be adjusted. It takes only one month from the land auction to the completion of all policy processing, and only seven months from the foundation laying to the overall relocation and official production of the plant

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