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Wang Kai: make every effort to serve Yuchai and fight for steady growth

Wang Kai: make every effort to serve Yuchai and fight for steady growth

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on the morning of June 19, Wang Kai, Secretary of Yulin Municipal Party committee, Guangxi, went deep into Yuchai Industrial Park and conducted research on the development of the park and the construction of Yuchai industrial new city projects. Wang Kai stressed that we should strengthen our confidence, rise to difficulties, resolutely fight for steady growth, speed up the industrial economy, make particles converge and develop, and help Yuchai become stronger and bigger. Qiu Dekui, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and executive vice mayor, and Li Yuzhen, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and secretary general, participated in the survey

Wang Kai first came to the plant area of Yuchai foundry center, inspected the third phase of the center and other projects, talked with the relevant person in charge of the enterprise, watched while walking, listened and asked, and learned about the enterprise's development ideas, project construction progress, production and operation management, etc. Subsequently, Wang Kai presided over a symposium in the conference room of Yuchai Industrial Park, listened to the situation reports of Yuchai Industrial Park, Yuchai group, as well as the relevant departments of Yuzhou District, Luchuan county and the municipal government, fully affirmed the achievements of various work, inquired about relevant work from time to time, and put forward specific requirements for further relevant work

Wang Kai pointed out that Yuchai group and Yuchai Industrial Park are the key to the steady growth of Yulin, the main battlefield for the transformation and upgrading of Yulin's industrial economy, and the focus of Yulin's overall economic quality and efficiency improvement. Yuchai Industrial Park has a good understanding of stable growth, and its work is effective. In the next step, it should highly unify its thinking, solidly promote its work, take the initiative to help enterprises solve problems, and promote the stable operation and development of Yuchai pig iron market in the near future

Wang Kai stressed that Yuchai industrial park should focus on making breakthroughs in the construction of Yuchai industrial new town project. According to the established goals and time nodes, enhance the awareness of active service for Yuchai, fully promote the construction of Yuchai industrial new town, ensure that the leadership, personnel and measures are in place, command, coordinate, deal with and solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the process of project promotion on site, ensure the smooth progress and completion of the project on schedule, and lay a good foundation for Yuchai to achieve "secondary entrepreneurship". Focusing on "secondary entrepreneurship", fully mobilize Yuchai's enthusiasm, jointly track, connect and serve the settled enterprises, and promote the implementation of the project to generate benefits. We should strengthen service, establish a service concept, perform our duties, further extend the service tentacles, and provide all-round services according to the development ideas and industrial chain of Yuchai group, so as to provide high-quality services for strengthening the company, strengthening the company and expanding Yuchai. We should strictly educate and manage cadres, strengthen the construction of leading groups and cadre teams, further clarify ideas, clarify tasks, implement, concentrate, really reduce to 39 cadres in 2018, give full play to the role of self-management, circulation and development, research, package and connect projects, improve the development and construction level of the park, and make Yuchai Industrial Park truly become a bridge and link between the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and Yuchai group

Wang Kai stressed that all departments at all levels should fully cooperate with Yuchai Industrial Park to do a good job and fully support the development and growth of Yuchai. Yuchai group should take the initiative to communicate and coordinate with Yuchai Industrial Park, seize opportunities, actively go out, enhance the stamina of enterprise development, and make positive contributions to the economic and social development of Yulin

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