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With a year-on-year decline of nearly 70%, halogen light source +7-speed dry double clutch, new Kia smart run can't sell

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in the previous article, cheyu world once insisted on the clean effect of the starter. A new product developed by Jin min for customers introduced a new generation of Kia smart run, that is, 2019 Kia smart run. At that time, it was pointed out that for Kia, smart running was of great significance. However, from the 2019 model, it is difficult to see the potential of this car. At least I am not optimistic about it personally

in fact, the sales performance of the new generation Kia smart run has been very poor since it was launched in April 2019. Compared with the previous sales, it can be said that it should basically be marginalized. Take the sales volume in June for example. According to the data of China Automobile Association, Kia zhipao achieved a total sales volume of 2955 vehicles, with a year-on-year decline of 68.8%

as for the reason for the decline in its sales, cheyu world believes that it is only a new generation of Kia (|), which is too confident. In other words, I don't have enough understanding of China's car market. When Chinese brands are rising rapidly and the prices of other joint venture brands are going down, it is undoubtedly naive to rely on this shabby configuration to open up the Chinese market

take the lighting configuration that Chinese consumers care about very much, and it is very common. Now all LED daytime running lights and LED high and low light sources are standard. However, in contrast to the 2019 Kia smart run, the high and low light sources are all in the accounting machine system of the operation control software, and other software in the operation Department is halogen headlights, and even the LED daytime running lights are not all standard

as for adaptive high and low beam lamps, steering assist lamps, steering headlights, etc., all of them are missing

not to mention the lighting, let's say that the USB interface is a more practical and common configuration. Kia smart run has no rear sub interface

as for other rear exhaust outlets, rear air conditioners, 360 degree panoramic images, etc., since the cheyu world has been analyzed in the previous article, it will not be repeated here

then, the most important thing is that the new generation Kia smart run adopts a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox, and the Chinese consumers are quite suspicious of the dry dual clutch gearbox. It can only be said that the new generation Kia smart run is indeed a little confident. Maybe it is because it has been in the Chinese car market for so many years, which makes Kia smart run think that with these configurations, Chinese consumers will still be willing to pay

moreover, it is worth noting that the new generation of Kia has not been on the market for a long time. However, there is fault feedback at present. According to the statistics of vehicle quality, the faults of the 2019 Kia smart run mainly involve the fuel tank pump, trunk, abnormal noise in the car, etc. What is more noteworthy is that Kia zhipao failed to avoid the core engine

a 2019 car owner said, "it stops automatically when driving, and I can't add oil. It's been three or four days and I haven't solved the problem yet. This problem has occurred to me in the new car. I personally recommend not buying this car."

cheyu world riders' help:

on the whole, cheyu world believes that the new generation Kia smart run may not have a hot opportunity in China's car market. Whether from the perspective of halogen light source, dry double clutch or fault

if there is still a chance, we can only say the price. In other words, the biggest opportunity for the new generation Kia smart run to turn around in China's car market may be based on the strength of terminal concessions

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