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Recently, the general office of the government of the autonomous region issued a notice on continuing to carry out in-depth and solid activities of the "year of work safety". All localities will comprehensively carry out a major investigation of hidden dangers of work safety, thoroughly find and rectify existing problems and weak links, and carry out special rectification for key industries (fields)

the notice requires that the examination and approval of coal mine construction projects and safety approval be strictly enforced, the rectification and closure of coal mines, the integration of technological transformation and merger and reorganization be continued, the mechanized transformation of small coal mines be accelerated, and the construction of "six systems" for underground safety and risk avoidance be done well. Strictly implement the regulations on coal mine safety supervision, effectively carry out the special safety rectification of coal mine gas, water disasters, fires, coal dust, roof and other disasters, strengthen the pre control management of coal mine risks, and improve the ability of coal mines to prevent and resist major accidents and disasters

strengthen the management of mined out areas and water hazards in ground mines, and strengthen the safety management of outsourced construction teams. The problems of open-pit mining without steps, insufficient blasting safety distance, irregular stacking and discharging of waste dump and red mud pond, the safety superelevation of tailings pond, the length of dry beach and monitoring facilities that fail to meet the requirements of the design or regulations, the blocked facilities of flood drainage and overflow system, illegal mining around the pond and illegal sand excavation in the pond, etc. shall be seriously dealt with

new hazardous chemical production and storage construction projects must enter the Chemical Industry Park (concentration area), and chemical enterprises with insufficient protection distance in the city must be relocated to the industrial concentration area or chemical industry park within a time limit, so as to promote existing chemical enterprises to enter the park, and close some small chemical enterprises that do not meet the relevant requirements and are unable to enter the park

continue to promote the construction of "five modernizations" (industrialization, standardization, mechanization, science and technology, and intensification) of fireworks and firecracker production enterprises. Strengthen the safety supervision of production, storage, transportation and other links, and strictly check that the operators of dangerous processes work without certificates

crack down on ship overloading, daily maintenance measures of concrete pressure testing machine, illegal passenger carrying and other illegal acts, investigate and deal with illegal water and underwater activities, maintain the normal water traffic order and navigation environment under the jurisdiction, and timely find and solve various problems and potential safety hazards. Strengthen the supervision of the safety of water transportation of dangerous chemicals, strengthen the supervision of water transportation safety of shipping enterprises, ships and employees transporting dangerous chemicals, and ensure the safety of transportation of dangerous chemicals

for other industries (fields) such as construction, densely populated places, water conservancy, forestry, tourism, schools, civil explosive equipment, civil aviation, etc., special safety rectification will also be carried out to prevent major accidents according to their safety production, especially the points, existing problems and hidden dangers of a biodegradable material used in municipal or industrial composting equipment

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