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At the beginning of the 11th Five Year Plan in 2006, experts look forward to the packaging economy (VI)

forte (chief representative of the Shanghai Representative Office of the Italian Foreign Trade Commission)

the Italian packaging machinery manufacturing association pays great attention to the Chinese market with great potential. Italian packaging machinery has superior product cost performance, which can meet the personalized needs of customers in different industries

Italy not only has beautiful leather shoes, delicious food, but also advanced industrial processing technology. In fact, the export of high-tech products accounts for 70% of Italy's total export to China

at present, there are about 200 large-scale manufacturers in the Italian packaging machinery industry, with 16000 employees. About 80% of the packaging machinery manufacturers are located in Emilia and Romagna, and Lombardia is known as the "capital of packaging machinery". The Italian packaging machinery industry is characterized by high technological innovation, strong production flexibility, customer demand orientation, and complementarity between large groups and highly specialized small and medium-sized enterprises. These characteristics make Italian packaging machinery not only have superior cost performance, but also meet the personalized requirements of customers in different countries and industries

the Italian packaging machinery industry has always paid close attention to China, a rapidly growing market with great potential. By providing high-quality and personalized products, it has greatly promoted the improvement of packaging technology in China's packaging machinery industry and major packaging machinery such as medicine, food and beverage, making 4.2.3 cutting industry. In 2004, Italy's export of packaging machinery to China reached 93 million euros, accounting for 22% of China's total import of packaging machinery, second only to Germany, which ranks second among all exporting countries to China; Especially in the field of packaging machinery for bottles and cans of beverages and liquid food, it outshines others, accounting for 40.7% of the import volume of such packaging machinery

reto morger (Marketing Manager of Netzsch)

new plastic materials may further replace metal, glass and wood because they are often used, and show more application potential in the industrial field. Netstal helps the processing industry to save the production cost of components more effectively

plastics have great potential in many application fields. It can be expected that new plastic materials will further replace metal, glass and wood. Therefore, these new materials will show more application potential in the industrial field

in the recent period of time, there will be no great breakthrough in the field of plastic technology innovation. However, Netstal will maintain excellent service enthusiasm and innovation within the scope of existing machines, while providing more complete system solutions. The market must provide more machines to produce energy-saving products

Netstal's machines help processors save the production cost of components more effectively. For example, our all electric machine elion can provide excellent energy-saving effects for standard plastic applications. In terms of productivity and quality, the products of Chinese processors will be closer and closer to Western standards. By providing injection molding machines with better quality and better performance, Netstal can help them meet these standards and requirements

in 2006, the localization staff of Netstal's new branch will maintain a positive working attitude to support Chinese processors and provide them with consulting services to meet the requirements of high quality and high performance, relying on the rich experience and complete set of requirements accumulated as a leading material supplier in the healthcare industry for more than 25 years. Our service engineers are always ready to provide fast and reliable after-sales service

steven rkel (president of Owens Corning Asia Pacific)

composite recycling is very important. Owens Corning will closely combine the advantages of international network with localized production in China to provide valuable systems, products and solutions for local customers

the production level and product quality of Chinese composite manufacturers are quite good. They are committed to producing high-quality products and cooperating with high-quality suppliers; At the same time, their customers also put forward higher and higher requirements. Composite manufacturers can only manufacture products that meet the needs of these companies by putting forward higher standards for their own production. Because their customers are more and more large global companies, such as Honda, Toyota, American companies and large domestic enterprises in China, Chinese composite manufacturers are more committed to innovation while ensuring production quality. I believe that China has the opportunity to become a leading country in the global production of composite materials

the recycling of composite materials is very important and a great challenge, because consumers discard a large number of products every day. Owens Corning's efforts in this regard are to encourage our customers to use recycled materials for reproduction as much as possible. At the same time, we should also encourage consumers to buy products made of recycled materials. Therefore, we should develop more advanced recycling technology to make consumers willing to buy

in 2006, we should first strengthen the consistent close cooperation with customers, provide high-quality products, and ensure the safety of our own production process. The next step is to work with our application development team to study how to grasp a series of investment opportunities in the future, which can be 3 Displacement promotes the development of China's composite material market and better allocates Owens Corning's resources to promote the development of the whole industry. The most important thing is to provide our customers with the high-quality products they need. Owens Corning has achieved rapid growth in the past five years precisely because of this. China's GDP will maintain the momentum of annual growth of about 9%, and the composite material market will be faster, about 15%. Seeing such a large development space in China, Owens Corning will closely combine the advantages of international network with China's localized production, provide valuable systems, products and solutions for local customers, help them solve complex processing and product innovation problems, and bring more success opportunities to customers while developing their own market. Owens Corning's philosophy is: customer success is our success

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source: China's packaging industry

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