The hottest year of paperboard packaging industry

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In 2009, the bosses of paperboard processing enterprises should pay more attention to the investment of enterprises than ever before. They must know where they should go and how to make investment

cardboard processors all believe that now is the best time to pay attention to the strategy of core enterprises. In fact, it is true that 2009 is not destined to be a profitable year for our industry, but it is still full of opportunities

according to the latest survey report of the International Corrugated Box Association (International C) whose molecular structure has been carefully designed, the average annual growth rate of global corrugated paper production was about 4.2% from 2001 to 2006, while from 2004 to 2006, its average annual growth rate reached 4.9%. In the past five years, the growth rate of corrugated paper has decreased slightly, and will basically maintain the level of 4.4% to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries by using the capabilities of Internet and big data, which also truly reflects the overall slowdown in the growth rate of the global manufacturing industry

however, the biggest advantage of the paperboard processing industry is its strong market demand. As manufacturers hope to attract customers with more beautiful packaging, high additional packaging boxes have become a leader in the market, which has driven the development of the whole paperboard processing industry to a certain extent

although cartons with complex patterns are very popular in the folding carton market, the prosperity and development of warehouse stores have also prompted corrugated box processors to constantly improve their products, thereby enhancing their advertising role

as people pay more attention to sustainable packaging, corrugated boxes have also obtained a good development environment. It is still the biggest selling point of our industry. Moreover, we need to continue to strengthen the marketing and publicity of corrugated and folding cartons to let people know the advantages of this kind of packaging

in addition, the market demand for high-quality cartons using field level white cardboard at the top terminal is also increasing, which brings greater profit space to carton processing plants

the American Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Association (PMMI) predicted in a recent report called "secondary packaging market research" that shrink packaging will gradually replace corrugated secondary packaging, but not all end users and related enterprises can feel this change. 6. Accuracy: Chinese national standard gb/t 4340.2 ⑴ 999 international standard ISO 6507

the widespread use of flexible packaging has increased the use of corrugated boxes, rather than pallets in the supply chain. According to Daniele Bellante, general manager of CAMA group, an Italian secondary packaging equipment manufacturer, the products of bottles, bottles and cans will be transported in corrugated pallets, and many retailers hope to reduce the times of placing items in different containers through new ways

although 2009 is less surprise and hope for most people, I know someone will be able to achieve great success this year

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