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In 2021, see how Shaan Auto's "sales responsibility" will lead the new trend of heavy trucks

with the arrival of December, 2020, which zigzagged under the cover of the epidemic, as long as the circuit fault-free year is coming to an end, this year, China's commercial vehicle market has a strong momentum of development, and the annual production and sales are expected to reach a new high

as a leading enterprise in China's heavy truck market, in 2020, under the joint cooperation of new and old product renewal iterations and main selling products, Shaanxi Automobile also made rapid progress, handing over the report card of "monthly cumulative sales of domestic civilian products of 150000, with a year-on-year increase of 22.3%. It is expected that the annual production and sales of 197000, with a year-on-year increase of 19.4%

facing the upcoming opening year of the "14th five year plan", Shaanxi Automobile will focus on the product switching of national six year plan and the breakthrough of high-end products, and set the goal of "producing and selling 200000 vehicles of all kinds, including 172000 domestic civilian products" in 2021. So, what are the sales responsibilities of Shaanxi Automobile in 2021? How is the performance? Which products will lead the new trend of heavy truck? Let's have a preview

x5000 leads a new breakthrough in the standard carrier logistics market

in 2021, Shaan auto will focus on two core product pillars, including the rapid increase of x5000 and the core sales volume of M3000 undertaken by m3000s. As one of the core product pillars, x5000 has launched models for the bulk distribution market, aggregate market, green transportation market and other segments, accurately positioning the user needs of different segments, and will lead the rapid breakthrough in the standard load logistics market. The sales volume is expected to reach 45000 in 2021

in terms of power performance, Delong x5000 tractor, which is oriented to the long-distance standard load market, adopts a 13 liter Weichai engine with 550 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2550 nm, which meets the national six emission standards. It is equipped with a fast 12 speed transmission, and is matched with a hande 13 ton single-stage reduction axle and an 800L aluminum alloy fuel tank. It has strong power performance. It can reduce the overall weight of the launch vehicle by 30%

in terms of comfort, the four point airbag air shock absorption cab, together with the multi-function steering wheel for constant speed cruise, electrically heated rearview mirrors, electrically heated Shui Hanbao, (deleted) electronically controlled automatic thermostatic air conditioning and other configurations, have further improved the comfort

accelerate iteration and upgrading Delong m3000s to a new leap

as another core product pillar, the new Delong m3000s will replace the old M3000 and become the sales core of Shaanxi Automobile heavy truck in 2021, with an estimated sales volume of 85000 vehicles. The newly upgraded m3000s is oriented to the coal transportation market, port transportation market, urban construction waste soil market, engineering mixing market and other segments, and meets the needs of users in diversified application scenarios

m3000s 4 for port transportation market × 2 tractor, for example, is equipped with a 10 liter Weichai engine with 375 horsepower and a maximum torque of 1800 nm, which meets the national six emission standard. It is equipped with a fast 12 speed transmission, a hande 13 ton single-stage reduction axle and a 560L fuel tank, which has become a powerful guarantee for the vehicle's dynamic performance

at the same time, the newly upgraded cab also makes the product more competitive. The four point airbag air shock absorption cab, electric heating Shui Hanbao (deleted), electric controlled automatic constant temperature air conditioning and 840mm extra wide sleeper are equipped with higher comfort. At the same time, it is also equipped with lane departure warning system to improve driving safety

full layout of market segments and full force of 12 products

in addition to the two core pillar products of Delong x5000 and Delong m3000s, the 12 star models of Shaanxi Auto in 2021 also include Delong l3000/l5000 and natural gas models, focusing on different market segments such as LTL express and natural gas market, which together support the more extensive occurrence of 80% of annual sales fatigue damage of Shaanxi Auto

in 2021, Shaanxi Automobile will also speed up the upgrading of truck products and upgrade the appearance and interior of the existing L3000. In the later stage, the requirements for the equipment will continue to improve, further reducing the dead weight. The cab space of the new product is larger. The newly upgraded powertrain is not only powerful, but also further improved in service

in addition, with the increasingly stringent environmental governance, the advantages of natural gas heavy trucks are prominent. In terms of natural gas products, Shaanxi Automobile x5000 and m3000s have launched natural gas tractors. Among them, x5000 6 × 4 natural gas tractor, using Weichai 13L natural gas engine, 460 horsepower, maximum torque 2300nm, meets the national six emission standards, equipped with fast 12 speed transmission, equipped with hydraulic retarder, 11.5t single-stage reduction axle, equipped with high-strength single-layer beam, and 1350l gas cylinder. The Delong m3000s natural gas tractor adopts a 13L natural gas engine with 430 horsepower and a maximum torque of 2200 nm, which meets the national six emission standards. It is equipped with a fast 12 gear transmission, and is equipped with a hydraulic retarder, an 11.5t single-stage reduction axle, a high-strength single-layer beam, and a 1000L gas cylinder, providing users with a variety of choices

under the new trend represented by electrification, intelligence, integration and lightweight in the current commercial vehicle industry, the development of new energy commercial vehicles is also one of the key directions of Shaan Auto in the future. In terms of new energy, it is reported that at present, Shaanxi Automobile has explored different cooperation modes such as power exchange in different fields such as mines and cities, so as to accelerate the development of Shaanxi Automobile in the field of new energy commercial vehicles

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