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In the year of the ox market, I chose zhanchen furniture paint

in the year of the ox market, I chose zhanchen furniture paint | zhanchen new material furniture paint, the first new channel cloud investment promotion conference was successfully held, paint,

in the year of the ox market, I chose zhanchen furniture paint | zhanchen new material furniture paint, the first new channel cloud investment promotion conference was successfully held

March 17, 2021

in the year of the ox market, I chose zhanchen furniture paint. At 19:30 on March 16, the first new channel cloud Investment Promotion Conference of zhanchen Xincai furniture paint arrived as scheduled. Mr. Chen Bing, chairman of zhanchen new materials, Mr. Sun Jinping, President, Mr. Yang qiugui, assistant general manager of furniture paint marketing service center, Mr. Li Xushan, general manager of Zhuhai factory and Vietnam zhanchen, Mr. Gao Chaohu, manager of channel Investment Promotion Department of northern company, gathered with friends in the live broadcast room to share the development trend of coating industry, look at zhanchen from outside to inside, interpret the investment promotion policy of furniture paint, and explore the way of future development of coating. The conference attracted 23000 + people, and the tensile strength is often viewed as the basis for evaluating metals, with more than 4300 likes

1. Make full preparations for the good development of the industry

chairman Chen Bing of zhanchen new material delivered a speech for this conference. He warmly welcomed the arrival of all friends in the industry so that similar experimental models have similar operation interfaces! He pointed out that due to the impact of the COVID-19 in 2020, the performance of China's manufacturing industry fell sharply in the first quarter of 2020, but most enterprises in the coating industry overcame difficulties with firm determination and confidence, spared no effort to ensure production and promote sales, and laid the victory of the industry's output growth in 2020. In 2021, although the epidemic in foreign countries has not been controlled, the world political and economic situation is volatile and faces many uncertainties, China is vigorously developing domestic demand and new infrastructure, the scenery is unique here, and economic development is facing great opportunities

2021 is the first year of China's "14th five year plan" and the beginning year of zhanchen's new ten-year development plan. Facing the complex and changeable external experimental conditions and the automatic storage environment of experimental results, zhanchen has been ready to embrace change and work hard through learning, adjustment and transformation. In order to truly win a big battle in 2021, zhanchen has optimized and improved strategic planning, operation, technology, marketing, procurement, products, production, supply and marketing coordination, organization construction and organizational vitality, and further strengthened the system guarantee ability. In the new starting point and new journey, zhanchen will provide solutions and services to more customers, which also means serving more dealer partners. After years of adjustment and accumulation, 20 years of tensile testing in accordance with astmd638 and iso527, zhanchen has the internal and external conditions for great development, and is able to provide more dealers with opportunities to realize their wealth and dreams. We are willing to share experience, create and share wealth, and grow together with the vast number of cattle business friends

2. The power of multidimensional view exhibition system

in the post epidemic era, how to seize the opportunity to quickly expand and strengthen business? Mr. Yang qiugui, assistant to the general manager of zhanchen Xincai furniture paint marketing service center, shared his views on the furniture paint market in the post epidemic era, zhanchen in the eyes of an "outsider", the great zhanchen, and the significance of investment promotion to zhanchen

president Yang comprehensively displayed zhanchen's demeanor as the king of "the first brand of Chinese furniture paint" from ten external dimensions, including brand, product, technology, service, management, team, channel, customer, boss, layout, etc. And from the ten internal dimensions of common growth culture, departments performing their respective duties, scientific project management, loyal partners, agent training support, fair and transparent customer protection system, efficient enterprise speed, leading technology, professional training services, high-level example force, this paper analyzes in detail the investment attraction advantages of zhanchen, so that you can see more possibilities of zhanchen's new materials, It also brings more confidence and assurance to the dealers who intend to cooperate

3. Favorable policy support boosts cooperation confidence

Gao Chaohu, manager of channel Investment Promotion Department of zhanchen new materials North Co., Ltd., interprets new channel investment promotion and support policies for intended cooperative dealers. Manager Gao Chaohu explained in detail zhanchen's core marketing ideas, zhanchen's marketing team service concept, zhanchen's market development policy, zhanchen's project support concept, zhanchen's market promotion and implementation and other franchise advantages

Manager Gao Chaohu said that in addition to highly competitive products and high-quality value-added services, zhanchen will also give dealers a series of practical awesome policies and benefits in development planning, customer development, service improvement, team building, major project development, product innovation management, brand promotion, legal aid and other aspects, so as to help dealers better expand the market and serve users

4. Choose the right platform to do the right thing

Mr. Sun Jinping, President of zhanchen new materials, made a summary of the conference. President sunjinping said that choice is more important than effort. So far, the paint industry has developed, the survival of the fittest and Matthew effect are inevitable, and the stronger is an inevitable trend. In the market, the biggest obstacle is that you can't see the situation clearly and grasp the opportunity. The essence of successful dealers is to follow the leading enterprises with comprehensive competitive advantages. At present, China is rising, the paint industry is shuffling, and zhanchen is ambitious. Zhanchen always insists on being familiar with the business, focusing on the direction, following the trend, and more importantly, approaching the strong. On the way to customer success, zhanchen needs more like-minded people to join in. Zhanchen is not weak, but the combination of strong and strong can make zhanchen stronger and have a higher level of ability to commit to customer success

President sunjinping also quoted the words "money can" and "meaning container" mentioned by Luo Zhenyu in this year's new year's speech (meaning container, that is, after we do something and inject meaning into it, people passing by later can put their meaning into it, just like a meaning money can, so the meaning will gather more and more, and the meaning will gather more and more), Encourage dealers to learn to use those existing meaning containers, harvest their own value, and create some new meaning containers for the world that can be passed on to future generations. President sunjinping said that in the field of furniture paint, zhanchen is the best money can for dealers to realize their ideals. On the road to customer success, zhanchen looks forward to working with all people of insight to pursue their dreams and create a better tomorrow

under the epidemic, it is the best time to identify the strength of enterprises. At this cloud investment promotion conference, zhanchen Xincai furniture paint injected a dose of strength into the majority of intended cooperative dealers with its strong brand strength, advanced development vision and all-round assistance policy support. Choice is greater than effort, and cooperation will win the future. On the journey of intertwined passion and dream, zhanchen Xincai looks forward to working together with more dealer friends to sound the horn of expanding the future bravely and achieve wealth win-win

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