The hottest year is approaching, and paint enterpr

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As the new year draws near, paint enterprises are rationally promoting

as the new year draws near, paint enterprises are rationally promoting

February 12, 2015

[China paint information] as the new year draws near, in order to make a lot of money at the end of the year to make up for the gloom of 2014, many paint businesses have begun to launch various end of the year promotions and other activities. Although promotions can bring certain benefits to enterprises, paint enterprises cannot rely on them for a long time, Price war is not a long-term plan for enterprise development. Coating enterprises also need to find another way to open up the market for themselves

price wars fill the paint market

in terms of the paint industry, the brand image and competitiveness of paint enterprises should have been the core competitiveness of the whole industry, but in fact, there are few brands with affordable products, healthy profit model, first-class R & D level, originality and high added value. Compared with the more mature marketing model in foreign developed countries, Chinese consumers pay more attention to the retail price

want to occupy the market quickly and fight a price war; Want to digest inventory pressure and fight a price war; Want to crush competitors and fight a price war; It is better to fight a price war if you want the liquidity to return quickly. Price reduction and promotion was originally a cyclical marketing method used by businesses in specific festivals, but now it has become almost the daily weapon of all paint enterprises, which has been tried repeatedly. In today's relatively sluggish market environment, frequent price wars are not a good thing for enterprises

price reduction is only an expedient measure

due to the large number of coating enterprises and brands and large production capacity, the market competition is naturally fierce. In order to win as many consumers as possible, almost all coating enterprises and brands use promotion everywhere. Every holiday must be promoted, every major event and important honor must be promoted, and every enterprise, brand or store "birthday" must be promoted. Under these guises, the purpose of promotion is carried out, so that the promotion is rampant, and the paint market is deeply in the quagmire of no promotion

in the process of enterprise development, "price reduction and promotion" as a marketing means is necessary, but the unreasonable use of price reduction and promotion leads to a weak state of consumers on this way. For coating enterprises, it seems to be an expedient measure to attract consumers by reducing prices. During the development process, some coating enterprises need to win the favor of consumers with real materials. In today's extremely competitive coating market, only products can make enterprises invincible

the development of China's coating industry is facing a chaotic competition pattern. As an effective means to alleviate the competitive pressure in the short term, price war and then slowly unscrew the oil delivery valve for experiment can be used for a period of time, but it cannot be used as a long-term implementation method 5 The fitting clearance between the working piston and the oil cylinder is too large. On the contrary, the chaotic price war will lead to the decline of industry profits and seriously hinder the healthy development of the industry. Therefore, paint enterprises need to rationally look at the advantages and disadvantages of low-cost promotion, and work hard in essence

in fact, as a group of people who need to make rational consumption decisions, what consumers need is the actual content of promotion. Paint enterprises should maintain a rational attitude when doing low-cost promotion

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