The hottest year of AI exploration in Shanghai

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Shanghai AI Pathfinder year

original title: Shanghai AI Pathfinder year

with the approaching 2019 world AI conference, the development of AI in Shanghai has gone through a critical year

the last session of the conference published 22 implementation measures on accelerating the high-quality development of artificial intelligence in Shanghai, sending a strong signal from the rising AI highland

what policy drums have been triggered by this strong tone in this year? Which enterprises resonate? What repercussions has it left in the overall ecosystem of artificial intelligence in Shanghai

it is understood that Shanghai is preparing a roadmap for the development of AI industry and forming an AI Shanghai plan. Embrace the latest achievements, take the lead in testing the water, pay attention to the security risks of cutting-edge technology, and carry the national leading demonstration projects. It is expected that by 2025, it will attract first-class innovative resources. The pathfinding trip of Shanghai AI this year will undoubtedly play an important role in guiding the future

application testing water

application to avoid many problems caused by the increase of thickness is an important decisive field for the development of AI at this stage. Shanghai promotes the development mode of "demand leading and application first", and encourages AI's latest achievements to take the lead in "testing the water" in Shanghai

in September, 2018, at the world AI conference, Shanghai officially released the "implementation measures on accelerating the high-quality development of AI", and introduced 22 detailed rules around the focus on talent, data, industry, capital, etc., including that in deepening the opening and application of data resources, Shanghai will open data and information in key fields such as education, health care, tourism, etc. to AI enterprises in an orderly manner in accordance with the law, About 60 deep application scenarios of artificial intelligence have been formed

in December last year, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economic and information technology released the "list of requirements for the first 10 AI pilot application scenarios in Shanghai", soliciting solutions for security, factories, families, transportation, finance, communities, schools, hospitals, parks, government affairs and other application scenarios around the world. Finally, a total of 85 AI enterprises at home and abroad were successfully listed

in July this year, Shanghai organized the release of the second batch of scenes, screening 28 scenes around improving citizens' lives and improving industrial energy levels, covering rail transit, garbage classification, smart electricity, etc., and sending hero posts to the whole industry

safe development

in the process of landing cutting-edge new technologies, regulatory and ethical research are indispensable, which is fully reflected in the fact that in the past July, Shanghai has made frequent moves in artificial intelligence

in addition to releasing the list of heroes of the second batch of AI pilot application scenarios, Shanghai has also established a leading group for AI industry work, headed by Wu Qing, vice mayor of Shanghai

in addition, on July 2, the Shanghai artificial intelligence industry safety expert advisory committee was established and issued the "Shanghai initiative for the safe development of artificial intelligence". Relevant experts from universities, scientific research institutions and enterprises strengthened strategic and forward-looking research departments on the safety risks of artificial intelligence, and helped to establish corresponding laws, regulations, ethical norms and policy systems

Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Development Alliance was also announced on the same day, with more than 100 units in different fields of artificial intelligence becoming members. The alliance aims to promote the organic synergy of AI technology, industry and application in Shanghai, and actively create a comprehensive ecological environment conducive to the development of AI

On May 21, 2019, Shanghai (Pudong New Area) AI innovation and application pilot area was officially unveiled, which is also the first AI innovation and application pilot area in China. The implementation plan shows that the pilot area will take Pudong as the carrier, and strive to initially build an internationally competitive AI core industry agglomeration area, a national AI innovation technology and product application demonstration area, and a pilot area for AI industry standards and institutional norms by 2021. At the same time, it will form an AI highland that radiates the Yangtze River Delta and even the whole country, and drive the high-quality development of national AI

at present, Pudong New Area is focusing on promoting the construction of artificial intelligence application scenarios from Lujiazui to WorldExpo, the development of industrial agglomeration with Zhangjiang artificial intelligence island as the core, and the construction of Ecological Innovation Park Based on Jinqiao 5gai. Recently, we have focused on promoting AI comprehensive research and development, AI intelligent manufacturing, AI life, and AI transportation

On May 25, the Ministry of science and technology and Shanghai jointly launched the construction of Shanghai national new generation artificial intelligence innovation and development pilot zone. It is reported that the Shanghai pilot zone will focus on the major national strategies and the development needs of Shanghai, strive to break through the pain points and difficulties faced by the development of artificial intelligence, and speed up the march to the "four highlands" of AI innovation strategy sources, application demonstration, system supply and talent accumulation with global influence based on the overall construction idea of "innovation strategy sources, scenario driven, open linkage and governance synergy". By 2023, we will integrate "theory, technology, application, talent and governance" to build a comprehensive and open strategic advantage and form a nationally leading and world-class demonstration and leading effect

these two national projects have put forward the requirement of exploring the way first for Shanghai to play a leading role in the development of artificial intelligence industry

More than one-third of AI talents in China are in Shanghai. The AI innovation resources in Shanghai have formed a thick echelon, including a number of high-quality colleges and universities such as Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Shanghai Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of Optics and so on. They have a certain say in the fields of computer vision, voice and semantics, brain like intelligence and so on, as well as research institutions joined hands by academia and business circles

Microsoft Research Institute and Amazon AWS Shanghai AI research institute fell to Shanghai during the world AI conference last year. Shanghai brain science and brain like research center, Shanghai Jiaotong University AI research institute, Tongji Shanghai autonomous intelligent unmanned system science center, etc. have been unveiled one after another. The open source and Open Research Institute of artificial intelligence algorithms and AI International College are planning to properly handle the layout of the Institute

in addition, some AI leading enterprises such as Alibaba, Baidu, iFLYTEK and Shangtang are in Shanghai. Tencent and SAIC Baosteel laboratories are in the process of settling down, and enterprises such as Yitu and deep blue are also being built one after another

according to statistics, there are more than 1000 AI enterprises in Shanghai, more than 3000 pan AI enterprises, and the scale of AI related industries exceeds 70billion yuan

the strong AI echelon has brought first-hand innovative achievements. In the past year, Tencent AI open platform, Huawei's all station AI strategy and AI chip, and Yitu's first AI chip "quest" have appeared in Shanghai

AI innovation and development in Shanghai continue. On July 12, the work plan for promoting the construction of Shanghai Maqiao artificial intelligence innovation pilot zone was issued. The pilot area is located in Maqiao Town, Minhang District and its surrounding areas, with an area of about 15.7 square kilometers. It is planned to introduce 50 AI enterprises and institutions of international level, cultivate AI innovation benchmarking enterprises and 100 small and medium-sized innovation enterprises by 2025, and the output value will exceed 50billion yuan

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